Gabrielle Union Shows off Her Natural Hair & Gets Clowned on Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

With weaves and wigs being popular with the women in Hollywood, it’s pretty understandable why people are always surprised to learn that underneath it all, lots of celebrities have healthy natural hair. And Nicki Minaj isn’t the only celebrity taking to social media to show off her pride for her natural tresses.

Recently, actress Gabrielle Union decided to do the same as she posted a photo of her natural hair sans the wigs and weaves. But it didn’t take long for such an innocent posting to become drowned out in negative comments.

Instantly, many took to the comment section to clown the actress’ natural hair. She posted the following photo and writes in the caption:

gabrielle union instagram

Ladies… You can achieve hair growth… With a weave! This is allllll mine, no clips, no extensions, hadn’t even been pressed…And it got this healthy thick length from responsibly wearing weaves. #weaveandflowletitgrow


Some of the comments read:

“alll” yours? It’s not even that long… much credit for the health though

Home-wrecker, your edges are broken off. Your hair is different lengths, and that length is nothing to brag about, especially since you’ve been wearing weaves since your episode on Moesha. Call it your hair karma for breaking up happy homes stank box n

I’ve never had a weave and my hair is longer and thicker than that. Not throwing shade but I’m more impressed by @nickiminaj natural hair than @gabunion

Ya sh*t isn’t even that long tho. It’s thick tho…and your ends need a trimming. You bragging like you got a*s long hair.

It’s just not impressive. Please hang up and try again

Nice but you are not showing your face, and my hair is still longer than yours, without professional help and only in three years. Imagine how long it would have been had I left it alone since birth.


  1. I’ll never understand why people follow celebs they don’t like on IG/Twitter just to troll them. That is so pathetic to me.

    1. Thank you for sharing those who have negetive thoughts about this post? Do not comment if you do not know what to say the woman is just trying to help those who need it.

    1. lol!!! Totally agree! There’s absolutely no need of spitting someone. Most times doing so is just a miserable reflection of one’s own issues 🙂

  2. Well her hair does look damaged. She needs a trim and she should probably take a break from wigs and weaves.

  3. She gets dragged all the time on Instagram. People are not here for her because they think she homewrecked her way into D Wade’s big draws.

  4. But Gabrielle has shown her real hair before. Honestly I was more impressed with Nicki Minaj’s hair because we never seen her real hair. I think people are just trolling I think it is a bit ridiculous but people just don’t like her she is not likable so this is expected.

  5. People really need to go grow up. It wasn’t that serious for those kinds of comments. I don’t like Gabby but I’ll be damned if I spend my time trying to troll her. People need to get a life and let her be. If you don’t like her, don’t follow her.

  6. Well this is what social media has come down to people. It’s one thing to share an opinion, but I can’t stand trolls.

  7. Her hair would have been so much longer and healthier if she would have kind of chilled out with the fake hair. But I’m glad to see some women are using weaves/wigs to grow out their real hair.

  8. Looks like damaged hair to me. You can’t just throw a wig on or sew some weave in and not take care of your hair and expect it to grow long and healthy. It doesn’t work like that. Weave can take your hair right on out, edges too.

  9. Eh, I can see why some people clowned her. Aside from the homewrecker comments that had NOTHING to do with her hair, she was bragging like she has some gorgeous and long locks. In reality, her hair looks heat damaged, her ends are terrible and the length is nothing special. But she’s always been cocky. Nothing new.

    1. You bring up a good point because of how she normally acts people could have taken it like she was being cocky even if that wasn’t her intent.

    2. Why share your opinion if it’s not nice, or if it’s uncaused for? If you thought bad about this whole thing, then you should have kept it to yourself. Sorry, but I am just stating my opinion, without possibly hurting anybody’s feelings, or making them feel bad about themselves.

  10. I’m natural and I have been too afraid to get weave because I’m scared it will damage my hair and ruin my edges. Looking at Gabby’s hair, I’m really convinced it’s not a good option for me. Her hair just does not look healthy to me.

  11. Damn do people really hate this woman that much? They aren’t this hard on Alicia Keys and she’s a homewrecker too. I really think Alicia only gets a pass because she’s light skin. #ISaidIt

    1. Oh please stop with that. I stopped purchasing Alicia’s music as soon as I learned of her scandal with her now husband. She’s not on social media like Gabrielle so how can you even make that comparison. Like skinned dark skinned …are we in 2016? Let that ### go!

    1. THANK YOU! I couldn’t understand How Alicia got a pass and a baby and a fake marriage on an island somewhere that isn’t even legal in the US. Dwayne’s wife is a little ummmm anyway, we all know. Gabrielle took care of her kids when she couldn’t and was with him during that ugly divorce fight and all the crazy and YEARS later, they got married. It’s really sad how black women tear other black women down, especially if she’s achieving something they aren’t.

      1. Amen. I hate when black women come off bitter. Always talking about hair and looks. We come off nasty then when someone calls us angry, bitter or hatin we have nerve to get mad when they’re only going by how we project. If you don’t like how we are portrayed stop acting the damn part.

  12. I commented on the picture on IG (my comment is actually shown in this article). I like Gabby and I don’t care if she’s a “home wrecker” or not. We’ve all been there intentional or not BUT her hair isn’t impressive, doesn’t look healthy and she’s promoting weaves like that’s the only way black females can grow length. Like I said on her IG, no shade but my hair is longer, thicker and healthier than that WITHOUT a weave EVER! Call me a hater *shrugs*

    1. You know you actually bring up a good point. I too am annoyed that in the natural hair world so often women are told that we should wear wigs and weaves to grow our hair and “protect it.” Yet when we were little girls, we didn’t have to wear weaves for our hair to be healthy and get long. I’m natural and have been for about 5 years, and I don’t wear any wigs or weaves. My hair is very healthy and it’s constantly growing. You’re right, there are other ways to grow our hair and we don’t have to achieve it by wigs/weaves.

  13. Soooo uncalled for likeeee you can’t be a hater all your life there are a lot of nice protective styles for natural hair but if you over do it yes your hair will be damaged it’s illogical to expect your hair to grow and be healthy when you go from weave to weave not giving your hair time to catch air or anything

  14. Don’t understand the comparisons to Nicki Minaj. Yes Nicki’s hair is long but it is thin and long. Also, Nicki is mixed so it is easier for her to achieve such length. Comparing apples to oranges is stupid but still people insist.

  15. It is so sad how we use social media to degrade each other. Words are hurtful and you can’t Take them back. Ms. Union from one natural sister to another, I wish you all the love and happiness in ur upcoming nuptials. Always keep God at the center of ur life.

  16. being mixed had nothing to do with anything. A full-blooded black woman can grow her hair out just as easily as someone of another race, it’s just a matter of giving your particular hair type what it needs.

    I just hate that some black women still think that way.

  17. Really people!!! I don’t even usually comment on things like this but after reading most of these comments are you guys for real. Why in the world is everybody so concerned about her hair and how it looks. I mean this picture is one of the most innocent pics someone could post. As far as the home wrecking goes why is it any of you guys concern I mean that’s something that she has to deal with. I don’t think God is pleased with all this judging people that everyone got going on knowing that he is the only one who can judge us. Come on people this just seems like a bunch of hate to me. Cause while y’all are still negatively judging she gone still make her paper. Anyways @Gabrielle Union do your thing girl and brush these haters off.

  18. Black hating on black. Who cares about her personal life that’s her choice only God has the right to judge her.

  19. I think her hair looks good and healthy after taking out her weave. 1) after she flat iron it and get a trim or get it layered, it will look fabulous. I too wear a lot of weaves. My hair is natural and I usually get a trim when I give the weaves a rest. As far as Gabby and Dwayne’s relationship, it is their business and NO ONE really knows the truth about it. Afterall we were not there and just because you are a woman telling your story doesn’t always make it accurate especially if it is a woman scorned. I’m just saying, that I am sure it is much more to the story than Dwayne’s wife story. And if not, so what, afterall it is not your relationship or mine.

  20. First of all this woman didn’t compare her hair to anyone; she said this is MY hair. All those hateful comments weren’t necessary. Sounded more like jealously. Ok, your hair is longer, but is it healthier? One called her a home-wrecker. WTF does that have to do with her hair. This is the main reason I can’t stand females. Some of these hateful b-tches think their VJ-J is made of gold and they can c-m diamonds.

  21. People really are haters… and I don’t use that word loosely. Can’t stand to see someone show some pride about anything without feeling the need to take them down a few pegs. So petty. Her hair isn’t super long, but it’s longer than average.I bet it’s pretty in person. Can’t always tell from a picture.

      1. Why is it that healthy hair is always associated with length? No her hair is not super long, but it looks healthy. A person can have healthy hair, and it doesn’t have to be down their backs! Sheesh people

  22. UHM ok … Miss Union/Wade

    Natural hair is def the way to go HOW TO THE ever…..

    weaves on the level that you get them is far above the average persons reach…

    Weaves are just not great for our hair period .
    I lived in weave world for many years and 2 years ago just released it my hair is HAPPIER IJS

  23. I’m not just saying this to be mean but why show off your hair if it looks crappy raggedy. At least an inch or two of the length she is bragging about needs to be cut off. Mine is longer, thicker, healthier and I never wear weave or braids. People act like all black women have to wear that to grow their hair.

    1. I understand this pic. We rarely see our women in their natural state. This should be encouraged, seems the people with negative comments have other gripes against Gabby. Thank you for being brave enough to let us see. Who cares what the haters think, they can’t wear your shoes.

  24. Negative, miserable people crave attention. Social media has become a platform to spew hate and negativity. All of a sudden everyone becomes a subject matter expert on any given topic. It’s just a picture of her hair. The comments about the health of her hair cannot be determined by a picture. Um layers anyone? No one hair is perfect. If she’s needs a trim big deal. Karma dealt her broken edges/split ends because she cheated with Dwyane Wade? The things people say. smh

    The great thing is that she’s going to live her life the way she sees fit.

    Live and let live.

  25. I hate the term “homewrecker”. Ppl always blame the other person, but the one that wrecked the home is the person that stepped out. I don’t condone nor agree with cheating, and I do believe karma is all over her life right now, but to bash her over decisions made years ago is petty and childish. Let her live, she probably BC’d 2 years ago, y’all are right ppl will find any way to tear someone down so they’ll feel better about themselves. It’s crazy and ridiculous!

  26. If she likes weaves, then that’s her business in my opinion. DWade’s home wouldn’t have been wrecked if HE didn’t allow it to be. I don’t understand why folks rush to blame the woman, when the man is just as guilty. Most importantly, what does “homewrecker” have to do with her hair anyway?

  27. The message clearly went over the heads of the ignorant. Smh. Do your thing gabby promoting a good hair message.

  28. Wow this was funny as heck. She really doesn’t have anything so amazing. It’s nice and all but I wouldn’t say she’s an advertisement for healthy hair. Nicki M. Hair is really nice. That was a surprise. My hair would never grow like that. But union have I can get and already have without a weave.

  29. Wow this was funny as heck. She really doesn’t have anything so amazing. It’s nice and all but I wouldn’t say she’s an advertisement for healthy hair. Nicki M. Hair is really nice. That was a surprise. My hair would never grow like that. But what union have I can get and already have without a weave.

  30. Hating a-s b-tches probably all baldheaded. Why can’t black women uplift and support eachother? It’s sickening how black women bring eachother down.

  31. I usually dont comment on topics related to this but this really just aggravated me. anyone who is actually concerned about her hair and made negative comments to degrade her you really are pathetic and have no life. Gabrielle Union still is going to make 10x more than what you make in 2 hours. Please have several seats. The picture is completely innocent.

  32. It would be more believable is she gave a front shot and parted her hair in several directions. For some reason the backshot makes me doubt that this is her hair. And I’ve seen her natural hair sticking out from amongst the weaves in movies. It looks short and damaged.

  33. Cant compare Nicki to Gabrille…first off…Onika Maharaj (Nicki MinaJ is a DOUGLA ( thats african and indian mix) by that Nicki hair quality gonna be thick and full cause she got the best of two races…To start to compare Gabrielle hair with hers is 2 different leagues…

  34. It’s just hair! Hair isn’t even alive except for the folicles on your scalp. Is your scalp healthy? Chemicals (perms, dyes, glues etc) are the things that can actually soak into your body and we don’t know for sure what type of cancers these could cause. Wigs and weaves aren’t the enemy–chemicals are!

  35. Gabrielle union your hair is just awesome… i like the color, and health even its length good work!
    guys stop hating her… she is human with flaws like every other human!

  36. Stop. Why so many negative comments. Let he or she who is without sin cast the first stone. So many people living in glass houses throwing stone. It’s a picture of her hair not a mirror into her life.

  37. Gabrielle was just showing that women who wear weaves can still have hair. I’ve seen so many videos of hair loss due to weaves its no surprise I’m reading many comments like these from people who are clueless. A pretty weave hairstyle is promoted more than how to care for your natural hair under the weaves. Women are more concerned with the outer than the inner. The fact that Gabrielle wears weaves a lot due to her work and her personal choice, yes, her hair is considered to be healthy. The article states she hasn’t done anything to it which is why her ends needs clipping and her hair needs moisture. It’s been in weave mode for awhile. This should be encouraging for women who choose to wear weaves. If you don’t wear it, extra plus for you because this article doesn’t concern you. Simple.

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