Baltimore Ravens Star Ray Rice Allegedly Uppercuts Fiancee After She Spits on Him

Photo Credit: Wallstreethotrod
Photo Credit: Wallstreethotrod

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Baltimore Ravens star running back Ray Rice has gotten himself in quite the pickle. According to reports, the athlete allegedly uppercut his fiancée after she reportedly spat on him. The incident allegedly went down at an entertainment resort in Atlantic City. Deadspin reports:


The Baltimore Sun broke the story that Rice had been arrested, charged, and released. His attorney, Andrew Alperstein, claimed that Rice’s fiancée had also been arrested in connection with the incident, which he described as a “very minor physical altercation.”

That may be so; Atlantic City police aren’t returning calls on the matter right now and the casino declined to comment on the incident. According to our tipster, though, word at the Revel early Saturday morning was that a woman—presumably the fiancée—had spit on Rice and that in retaliation, he uppercut her, knocking her completely unconscious.


There’s also a few people on Twitter claiming they saw the alleged altercation go down and it was a brutal one. Regardless, Rice’s camp is claiming that the incident wasn’t as violent as it’s being reported.


Spotted at Black Sports Online


  1. This is just sad all around. She shouldn’t have spat on him and he shouldn’t have knocked her out. Both were wrong here.

    1. I am a woman and I don’t believe men should abuse women but in this case he should have did just what he did. Spitting on someone is nasty, one of the worst things you could do. I as a woman would have tried to knock her teeth out of her mouth. he was not wrong,

  2. She shouldn’t have spit on him but did he really have to uppercut her smh. Women and men both need to keep their hands and bodily fluids to themselves.

  3. Why the hell did she spit on him tho?! Did she really think that would end well for her? Girl stop. He wrong too tho! You don’t uppercut no damn woman.

  4. Eww. Spitting on someone is so gross and wrong. And he shouldn’t have knocked her unconscious. This was just wrong on so many levels. it’s straight out the book of Love & Hip Hop. Just ratchet.

  5. The both of them violated each other and need to grow up. If you’re with someone you feel like you have to spit on and uppercut, you need to end the relationship ASAP.

  6. I’m HIGHLY conflicted about this… I do not agree in any way with either gender touching the other. I also do not agree with being spat on either. Ugh.

  7. I agree with y’all. She should have kept her spit in her mouth and he shouldn’t have Mortal Kombat style uppercut her like she was a dude. People have lost their minds.

  8. NFL Commissioner Rodger Goddell does not play around when it comes to NFL Players and violent crimes. Once charges are filed and the justice system goes its course, expect Ray Rice to miss 4 – 8 games because of this.

  9. I was actually there this weekend. This is sad, What she did was extremely disrespectful. He should know better!

    Hey UB fam I sae something on my fb feed this morning. I would really like for yall to check it out and possibly give your feedback. Either on this post or upcoming post. Or just post yo your fb, I think it would make a great debate…

    1. Is this woman a Latina? If so, I think she probably shouldn’t speak on the issues of black women because she isn’t black. But regardless, to me this was the typical black women bashing video. I can tell she doesn’t get out much or interact with white women often. They are very opinionated too and I had one try her hardest to argue with me on Facebook the other day until I just had to stop responding to the FB status. All because I didn’t agree with her. But let this woman tell it, only black women do this. Women as a whole love to argue and we are very petty, while men seem to be able to move on faster when they have differences with other men. But hey, I never paid much attention to the bash black women movement or the made up stats, maybe that’s why I’m a happily married black woman. #shrugs

    2. So this woman of color is going to use dated statistics to do the work of white america? Yikes. As a black man, I appreciate that my woman doesn’t do as she’s told. I can always count on her speaking her mind and she knows I will do the same. She has a mind of her own and she’s my partner, not my property. She brings just as much to the table as I do. And because of that, there’s no doubt in my mind that we will get married soon. I pity the woman in this video for preaching the outdated teachings and principles of the white slave masters like she’s speaking truth.

      1. Cosign @ Queen. Mike, Your feedback is truly appreciated and needed. Mind you this was posted on my FB feed by a Black Man with the Caption “I need every AMERICAN BLACK WOMAN on my feed to watch this… This women speaks the deadliest truth!!” which totally disgust me. ~ Trust I let him have it…

        Every black woman is not pleasant, cooperative, agreeable. That we know, but neither is any other group of women. I think what differentiates us in terms of attitude is specifically the way some black women engage in arguments which tend to be very aggressive and hostile in comparison to other races of women, but closing your mouth and shutting up is not the solution. Everyone is responsible for learning when and how to properly engage in argument and when they should let it go. It’s more a matter of culture and how you are brought up which influences how you communicate. Generally black people interact more aggressively then others

        I’ve learned that in my American Ethnicity Class, therefore, that comment is irrelevant. And to Add if my black King can’t accept my understanding of arguing/expressing my frustration about a particular matter that is bothering me so much, then as a man he’s not for me. Myself personally, I’m not the one to approach someone and just argue. But if you are in the wrong, as a “black woman” I’m going to point that ish out. I don’t believe any one no matter what race should be told to shut up and listen. GTFOH w/ that nonsense. And To recall as women we have a freedom to speak our minds and as our “black men” don’t like it he can exit to the left. Sh-t white women these days are argumentative too. Don’t get it twisted. JUST KNOW WHEN TO PICK YOUR BATTLES.

        He need that Uppercut that Ray Rice delivered… lol

    3. This comment on YouTube is on point:

      “This is a clear example of when a black person really doesn’t understand white supremacy they start blaming themselves for their own victimization. She actually believes that most black women are like this, it speaks to the volume of the media and her own environment in my opinion. Either she’s running into women like this or she’s watching too much TV. Even though I admit this is a phenomenon among all women. But we never question why come other women are like this, go figure.”

    4. Yeah but I’ve come to the point I don’t take videos like these and the people with the views seriously anymore. Ignorance like this will have your blood pressure up. They aren’t worth it!

    5. This hispanic chick is trolling and trying to boost her low self esteem off the backs of self hating black men who can’t wait to get to Facebook to share this bull.

    6. Having a different opinion doesn’t equal arguing. But you know what? I’m glad there are still black women out here who remain fearless and don’t allow self hating black men and women to hold them back. The Oprahs of the world are much smarter than that. Can you imagine where Oprah would be today if she was the obedient woman this stupid female is encouraging more black women to be? It’s 2014. Not the 1950s.

  10. Hey UB Fam. I saw this on my fb morning. Thought you wonderful sisters would appreciate this. Would love to see your feedback!

    youtube. com/watch?v=o_OCxh769Vs

    I spaced it, in case UB doesn’t allow this type of stuff

  11. Personally I man should hit a woman but at the same.time spitting on a person is aggravated assault where I’m from and when you are being assaulted you have a right to protect\defend your self and that would make anyone get hit man or woman

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