The Ray Rice Situation Gets Even More Scandalous

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Ray Rice’s future in the NFL is looking bleak since the Baltimore Ravens released him and the NFL has suspended him indefinitely for assaulting his now wife Janay in the elevator, and it was originally speculated that Teyana Taylor was allegedly the woman who sent the text messages that caused the couple to argue earlier that night.

Teyana denied the rumors and she’s still happily dating NBA player Iman Shumpert.

Interestingly enough, now sources are claiming the real culprit was actually a female Ravens employee.

ESPN reports:

The evening began innocently enough. Rice, 27, and 26-year-old Janay celebrated Valentine’s Day at the Revel Hotel Casino in Atlantic City with two other couples, close friends who were a regular part of their social circle. They had dinner and wine, then went to the casino’s main bar, The Social, where they split at least one bottle of Patron Tequila, Rice’s favorite liquor. By 2 a.m., Ray and Janay were intoxicated and heatedly arguing as he followed her into a hotel elevator. According to two sources, the couple fought about the guest list for their upcoming wedding as well as text messages Rice had received that night from a young woman, a Ravens employee.


  1. Everybody was blaming Teyana and listening to Brandon Jennings and Joe Budden smh. I’m glad this came out because if it was Teyana or another woman Ray is to blame the fact that people were trying to deflect the blame is ridiculous. Now you see he not only assaulted his woman but is also a cheater.

      1. I just didn’t like the way everyone tried to blame Teyana or if it was any woman for what happened between Ray and his wife. He should be solely responsible for his actions with putting his hands on his woman and cheating with whoever.

  2. So it wasn’t Teyana. Interesting. I hope the employee faced consequences as well. It’s very inappropriate to start a relationship with a married player on the team your work for.

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