Busted: Saving Our Daughters Charity Puts Kenya Moore on Blast

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Just when it appeared NeNe Leakes was catching most of the backlash regarding the charity event Kenya Moore claims she organized in her honor, it now appears that the charity is telling a very different story. In fact, Saving Our Daughters is now claiming they never received any money from Kenya Moore or Bravo from the actual event.

Just days after Kenya took to social media to slam NeNe for lacking class at her charity event, Saving Our Daughters released a statement via its official website setting the record straight:

On February 16, 2014, Saving Our Daughters was mentioned on the episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta as being honored with a fundraiser on its behalf.

Our charity was contacted by publicist April Love to get approval and give notice of this upcoming event. Much to our delight, we were indeed honored to be chosen. After all, one of our largest financial contributors, Mrs. NeNe Leakes who has been responsible for contributions in the thousands of dollars throughout the years, is a member of the cast.

Days later, to our surprise Ms. Love did contact me and inform me that she had decided to terminate her company’s involvement with this event. At that point, Ms. Moore contacted me to continue moving forward with the event as purposed and planned. This call took place a day before the event was scheduled to take place.

Upon seeing the event unfold on TV, it was noticed that Ms. Kenya Moore stated that she was giving this charitable event in honor of Mrs. Leakes, with Saving Our Daughters as the recipient of the proceeds from the charity event. Honorees at this point were switched without our knowledge, but again, we are appreciative of any and all support for the organization.


Here’s where it gets interesting:

Had we been made aware that this fundraising event was in honor of Mrs. Leakes, we certainly would have been present with the plaques and certificates of appreciation that we currently have to present to Mrs. Leakes for her outstanding efforts and support for Saving Our Daughters. This would have been the perfect opportunity for us to honor her, as well. We were not aware of this and it appears that Mrs. Leakes wasn’t aware either.

The light in which Saving Our Daughters was depicted was less than favorable. The organization received several calls from other supporters about our involvement in this event. They were extremely disappointed and felt that the organization was being taken advantage of.

We go on record by stating that we at Saving our Daughters have never and will not ever be involved in any drive where the exact purpose is not clear, stated or held to with only approved changes. We would not ever jeopardize our continuing support from our friends by being a part of what appears to have been tainted from the start.

In closing, Ms. Kenya Moore stated that thousands of dollars were raised at this event. To protect the integrity of Saving Our Daughters, our records show that we did not receive any of the proceeds raised from Ms. Moore’s masquerade ball.

However, we do appreciate the contribution we did receive of $500 for our annual Christmas doll drive for children with cancer.


Of course NeNe is enjoying all of this:

nene leakes charity tweet


Kenya Moore has responded. Read her response here.


  1. And while we’re at it UB, I just want to add that Saving Our Daughters also says NeNe has been giving money to their organization for YEARS! She has been doing the work for their cause. Meanwhile Kenya used the organization to get even. It’s over now. No one can ever say NeNe is worse than Kenya. No one!

  2. I’m waiting for those that were fake outraged about NeNe to get mad about this. Maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath right?

  3. I was never about the charity to begin with. It was always about embarrassing NeNe and winning over stupid people just enough to get rid of NeNe. And all those suckers fell for it. All of them. I feel bad for Saving Our Daughters because no organization deserves to be used like that. Especially since the person Kenya tried to tear down is one of their biggest supporters.

  4. They confirmed what we already knew, Kenya did the event to hurt NeNe and didn’t give a damn about the charity at all. She needs to go now. She’s a terrible person and I want her off the show.

  5. Smh. I am not surprised. Kenya doesn’t care who she has to throw under a bus to win. She will even dog out a nonprofit if it will make NeNe look bad.

  6. Saving Our Daughters has been working with multiple celebs and prominent people in business for years. LOL at Kenya’s pathetic fans trying to tear this organization down for telling the truth.

    1. A couple of days ago they were dragging NeNe for disrespecting Saving Our Daughters because it is such an important cause! Now that SOD is putting out the facts, the organization is a sham? How typical. LOL.

  7. Kenya was wrong to use a charity to do her dirty deeds to begin with. Whether or not she raised any money is just the icing on the cake. She stooped too low.

  8. I believe it’s a ploy by Nene to make Kenya look bad. Since Nene is supposedly a “great” contributor of course they are gonna have Nene’s back? Lol

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