Jackie Christie Talks Controlling Her Husband & Making Him Be Faithful

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

 By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Basketball Wives LA” stars Jackie Christie, Sundy Carter and Brittish Williams stopped by “The Arsenio Hall Show” the other night, and the reality stars chatted it up about Draya and cheating husbands.

Not too long after Sundy and Draya had a Twitter beef,  Brittish explained that she only asked Draya about her slutty reputation because she just wanted to get the truth straight from Draya. Brittish says Draya used to be an “exotic dancer” before BBWLA, but Jackie Christie says Draya’s past is actually more scandalous:

“And that’s the nice way to put it. As you watch the show, you’ll see exactly what Draya does and where she came from.”


Jackie Christie also talked a little about her infamous reputation as a NBA wife set on a mission to keep her husband Doug Christie faithful, and throughout the years her extreme methods have been documented by various publications.  Even now she says she is not having it at all:

“I don’t care if I do know about it, don’t know about it. If I suspect it, we got a problem!”


Jackie also says that although she “allows” Doug to watch adult movies, she has to be with him because if not, it will be a problem. In fact, controlling her husband seems to be what she feels is necessary to keep him from straying:

“I feel like I give my husband enough that he should not even think about wanting to cheat. And if he…like we watch movies. We watch adult films…I’m not even gonna lie. But if I’m involved,  I can say ‘Isn’t she pretty?’ And he can say, ‘Yes.’  But if I come in the room and he’s watching it, I’ma take his head off! I need to be involved. I got to be involved. I have to be in control of everything.”


Although she catches a lot of criticism for her methods, Jackie claims it’s necessary for her to be so extreme. She even made sure her husband handed over his passwords to all of his accounts, social media included:

“They (groupies) throw themselves at them in a way and I just didn’t know at the time if Doug could handle it. But then he showed me really quickly, you don’t even have to worry about it. So I sit back, eat my popcorn and enjoy the game and he deals with them.

“The only time my husband has been alone is when he goes to the bathroom and I’m in the living room. So if there’s a woman in there, I would know.”


Check out the video below:


  1. Nah boo I can’t be driving myself crazy trying to control another human being actions. If he can’t be faithful on his own volition than I’d rather be faithful.

  2. I don’t tolerate cheating either but she is the same woman who drove behind the team bus just to make sure Doug didn’t cheat. She won’t even let him be alone because she doesn’t trust him. What kind of marriage is that?

  3. Jackie is insecure period! No real woman who is happy with herself is going to be doing all of this to keep a man faithful! It’s exhausting and dumb!

  4. Now this is some sad sh-t. But I know a lot of women like Jackie. They make following their man around a career because they are so afraid they will cheat. That’s a sad life to live if you ask me.

  5. I never understood the women who spend the majority of their time worrying about their man not being faithful. If you don’t trust him, you shouldn’t be with him.

  6. She is way to insecure. No wonder shes half crazy! I’d be crazy too if I had to monitor someones every move! Like what does she think is gonna happen if he watches a flick alone? The girl can’t jump through the screen and jump on his jank, Jackie!

  7. I’m just wondering why Jackie keeps Draya’s name in her mouth? Nobody wants Doug so chill the eff out! It seems like all these women have nothing better to do than worry about the next chick…have several seats and a nap please! Sundy put her daughter on blast on twitter and Brittish is who again?

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