Former ‘Basketball Wives LA’ Cast Member Sundy Carter Blasts Jackie Christie

Jackie Christie Basketball Wives
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Jackie Christie isn’t on good terms with the “Basketball Wives Miami” OGs.

Basketball Wives” is on hiatus while the cast is reportedly filming for the upcoming season. Jackie Christie was in the hot seat for most of last season’s reunion. Shaunie Henderson came out for a segment to confront her. She said she was told by the others that Jackie had been talking behind her back. Brooke Bailey made the same accusations on X after she fell out with Jackie. Evelyn Lozada has also come out and accused Jackie of being jealous of her return because she was left off a promotional billboard. Interestingly enough, some fans of the show weren’t feeling this. They said it just seems like the majority of the cast tends to single out one cast member to gang up on randomly each season. And they are tired of this.

Sundy Carter blasted Jackie Christie.

Well, it looks like Jackie is still in the hot seat. Hours ago, former cast member Sundy Carter called her out on Instagram. Sundy alleged she was invited back to film a scene but Jackie threatened to leave “Basketball Wives” if she did. As a result of Jackie’s ultimatum, Sundy was not allowed to film the scene. In a series of messages posted to Instagram Story, Sundy accused Jackie of talking behind multiple people’s backs.

“Imagine @jackiechristie talking ISH & LYING on @iamshaunie @brookebaileyinc @evelynlozada @jenniferwilliams @brandimaxiell @_drbryant & a host of others for months. Just as she’s about to be held accountable by her accuser (Myself, who happens to have receipts proving this sicko’s diabolical behavior). @jackiechristie threatens to not show up/finish the season of @basketballwives while also threatening to sue production/the network @bet you can run but you can’t hide sis.”

Jackie has not responded to any of Sundy’s accusations or rants as of yet. But the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives” will likely be a contentious one for her.


  1. Man this show has been DOA since Tami left. Won’t nothing save this show. The one’s that ‘bully’ others are the ones people come for. Sad

  2. This is why Jackie didn’t want to work with you. Sundy always complaining about someone doing her wrong.

  3. Sundy is still a loser all these years later. Embarrassing. She really threw an entire temper tantrum over not going back to the show she got a black eye from.

  4. WTF!!!!!! Bbw must really be DESPERATE if they need to bring this ALL MOUTH and CAN’T FIGHT chick back….NOBODY AND I MEAN NOBODY wants Sunday gotta BLACK EYE Carter back on our tv screens.If she yall last resort CANCEL the da** show.

  5. We don’t need no See You Next Tuesday Sunday on our tv’s….. WHY so she can get her other eye blackened messing with Wacky Da Head Banger Jackie

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