Kenya Moore Responds to Charity’s Accusations, NeNe Leakes Shuts Her Down

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We really thought this whole charity drama on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” couldn’t get any messier. But it has unfortunately.

Yesterday charity organization Saving Our Daughters released a statement via the official website attempting to distance itself from Kenya Moore. According to the release, the organization’s staff didn’t appreciate Kenya using the charity’s name to incite some drama with NeNe since NeNe is a longtime supporter.

But where it really got interesting is when the organization stated that it didn’t receive any money from the actual event, and Kenya’s claim of raising “thousands” of dollars for the charity was a lie. But it did thank Kenya for a personal donation of $500 she made after the event took place.

Kenya was not happy with the statement, and she sent in what she claims is proof that thousands were raised for Saving Our Daughters to blogger B. Scott.

Her proof is text messages and a copy of two checks:

kenya moore text

kenya moore text 2

kenya moore text 3

kenya moore text 4

kenya moore check

The problem though is the text messages are very confusing and they appear to be cut off in mid conversation so we’re not really sure what they prove besides the organization thanking her for her personal donation of $500.

And as far as the checks are concerned, Saving Our Daughters did acknowledge that Kenya donated $500 after the fact for money they forwarded towards a Christmas fundraiser, and the other check of $1000 was not even made out to Saving Our Daughters, but to some other company for filming the event.

So we’re not sure how this is supposed to be proof that Kenya did raise thousands for Saving Our Daughters because it only seems to confirm their statement, thousands were not raised and $500 was donated after the fact by Kenya personally. And this doesn’t really prove that Saving Our Daughters got any funds from the actual event we saw on RHOA.  So we’re thinking Kenya will provide more information very soon.

And NeNe seems to think this “proof” is a failed attempt at damage control because she donated the $500 after the event, which was held last September:

nene leakes not having it

Either way, Kenya says she has more proof that she will release later if need be. For now, Kenya’s supporters have shifted their focus to Saving Our Daughters and now they are claiming the organization is a scam because it’s not allgedly a 501(c)3.

kenya moore fan

Meanwhile Kenya seems to have no hard feelings with the non-profit. She tells B. Scott:

“It’s unfortunate Mr. Curtis Benjamin was not aware of the effort I put into trying to make the event a success for Saving Our Daughters or overlooked the texts regarding the intended honoree. I spent over $10,000 dollars to make the charity event successful, in addition to making a personal donation from the event as well as forwarding any and all donations collected. I hope the focus can shift to the young girls and I wish the organization nothing but the best in the future.”


    1. LOL there were no thousands. This was never about the charity. It was staged and probably encouraged by the producers to keep the drama on ten this season. The sad thing is people want to believe Kenya is smarter than NeNe but she’s not. She’s a puppet for Bravo too. Anything for that check I guess. Smh.

    2. Right? That is a check for $500. Last time I did my math, that’s not “thousands”. If she offset the costs she incurred by using the money she raised for the charity, then she’s full of it. She could’ve just given them a check, instead of that horse and pony show she put on.

  1. If Kenya had any class like she claims she does, she would just apologize for using a nonprofit organization to do her evil work because that’s worse than anything NeNe has ever done. She’s really wrong for that and to me you have to be lowdown to do something like that. But she won’t apologize. Instead her and her fans will go after the nonprofit they were just praising two days ago. Smh.

  2. I have to say NeNe and Kenya aren’t very smart. They are both making themselves look bad while their producer Carlos is on Twitter laughing at the both of them and saying he is loving every second of this. And Kenya was the former Miss USA. Look how low she has fallen just for this reality show. NeNe came from the stripper pole. A reality show is an upgrade for her. But all of this is a downgrade for a black woman who won Miss USA back in the day and used to get small acting roles. But Kenya isn’t smart enough to see it yet.

  3. I am insulted that people are starting to drag a non-profit that has no bone to pick with either Kenya or NeNe. This has got to stop!

  4. From a PR perspective, Kenya needs to tread very lightly. Now it’s a very bad look that she used this charity to go after NeNe. But if she does like her fans and publicly goes after a nonprofit numerous black celebs and major companies support, it’s a wrap. It will not be a good look for her at all. Not only will she burn bridges in the industry, but she’ll be the RHOA star that brought down a charity that helped plenty of little black girls.

  5. Most people won’t admit this because right now the “in” thing to do is to pick a side, but the truth is Nene and Kenya are cut from the same cloth. They are both terrible people and very mean girls. Neither should have fans in my opinion. What have they done to uplift black people? Really, both are setting us back hundreds of years. Nene is a loud mouth, neck rolling black woman. Kenya is a clown who wore booty pads to a charity event and now she’s using another to punish Nene. Not to mention how terrible she attacks the other women on the show. Calling Kandi fat/Porsha stupid, flirting with husbands. And I’m supposed to pick a side? Hell no. They are both disgusting. I am done with this show for good.

  6. Sigh…I love Kenya but this doesn’t cut it. Her proof really isn’t proof. I hope she releases something that actually proves she did raise thousands because this does not. Kenya, get it together sweetie.

  7. So where is Bravo’s statement on all of this? They got Kenya AND NeNe out here looking crazy and ain’t saying a damn word. LOL.

  8. Kenya go sit down somewhere. This is not proof. It’s confirmation that you lied. Next time keep the non profits out of your BS. Clearly you are out to get NeNe this season. Keep it real and stop acting like a saint when you’re more evil than anyone else on the show.

  9. Read Carlos King’s tweets. He thinks all of this is funny. Kenya and NeNe are too dumb to see they are getting pimped. And the money can’t be that good. Reality TV doesn’t even pay that well.

  10. Kenya is doing the most to be the new NeNe Leakes. And I ask, why does she the former Miss USA want to be the next NeNe Leakes? She can’t do any better than that? Really? She should have never agreed to the show in the first place. She’s diminishing her image and legacy with each episode. And I used to have so much respect for her too. Oh well.

    1. But according to Kenya’s blog, she’s on a higher level than NeNe. And I have to ask if that is the case, then why is she on the show? Being on the show has already lowered her down to NeNe’s level. A reality show ain’t hard to get on.

    2. Wow you’re bringing up points I didn’t even think about. I think Kenya and her fans are only thinking about the short term gain from all of this and that’s beating NeNe. But what about the longterm effects? None of this is a good look for Kenya and she’s going to see that when it’s too late.

  11. Bravo is messing up big time. They should have never signed off on any of this. Leave the charities out of the drama.

  12. Kenya is dumb. She should have never agreed to do this ratchet a-s show. She should have gotten a better agent, and made the right connections so she could get back into acting. Now she looks just as stupid as NeNe has since season one. She has no idea how bad her image looks now because of all of this. These reality show people look at Kim K and think it can happen to them but Kim ain’t black. Black women can’t be ratchet and get rich. It don’t work that way. lol

  13. Oh please. This doesn’t prove anything Kenya. But as usual, you will throw out non receipts and move on like you proved something.

  14. So her proof was to confirm everything that the organization said and them included some txt msgs that didn’t make sense and another check that was made out to someone else? Ummmmmmm….yeah no…if you’re gonna show “proof” make sure it’s actual proof and not confirmation of whats already been said.

  15. I just can’t believe that she spent 10,000 to organize a event & then only send in 500 dollars …why hold a event when you could have sent them the 10,000 in support of Nene…people morals & games are so corrupt…you help people because they need it not because of the spot light..ijs I’m not taking either side

  16. Kenya please get your a-s out of ATL. Leave my city now. We don’t want you here anymore. You don’t even show your face in the city when you’re not filming because you know better, you phony loser.


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