Kenya Moore Threatens to Quit RHOA?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The current season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is a very over the top one, and since the drama has been on ten this time around, it’s safe to expect the stars of the show to request raises. With record ratings in tow, Kenya Moore may already be positioning herself to dethrone NeNe Leakes as the highest paid housewife.

In fact, her recent interview with OK! Magazine is very telling. When asked if she plans on coming back for another season, Kenya says:

“If Bravo asked me to come back, I’d have to really think about it. Right at this moment, it’s a very tough question.

“I don’t want you to take that the wrong way, because I’m nobody’s victim and never will be. But at some point you want people to put aside their differences and back you up because it’s the right thing to do.”


Honestly, it just sounds like Kenya is making moves to put herself in the position to make more money next season. We doubt she’s going anywhere, and this is typical behavior for reality stars gunning for raises. She even tweeted that she wants a million dollars next season:

kenya moore twitter


  1. Child please. She ain’t leaving the show, they will have to drag her off the show for her to disappear. This is all she has. And I don’t believe for a second that any of these puppets make $1 million a season. Even Andy Cohen said the media has never gotten it right about the RHOA salaries so that means NeNe ain’t making a million either. Bye ashy.

  2. Kenya is not going to get a million next season. I’m not even sure why she’s hyping herself and her fans up. And she does not make the show either. I actually think Kandi and her momma are more entertaining. Kenya needs NeNe to make her entertaining. Some star she is.

    1. Exactly. I always laugh when her and her stans say she makes the show? LOL, yeah she makes it hard to watch. I always skip her scenes unless she’s with the other housewives. Her bad acting is nauseating.

  3. I wish this ashy feet loser would quit. Then the show would be less ratchet. And take Marlo’s dusty behind with you boo. Go audition for LHHATL, you’d fit in perfectly there.

  4. Look at the puppet trying to play a game she will not win. She will not get a million next season, but watch her gladly return next season anyway. It’s not like she has anything else making her money, hence how thirsty she’s been since she got on the show. You gotta love DISGRACED Miss USA Kenya Moore.

  5. Quit and do what exactly? More bootleg straight to DVD movies? Yeah I doubt it. She makes more being Bravo’s slave. She ain’t leaving.

  6. Bravo needs to revamp this show. Seriously. Kenya is only interesting when she’s fighting with everyone else. And it’s starting to get old.

  7. “I don’t want you to take that the wrong way, because I’m nobody’s victim and never will be.” —- Bish please. You are always the victim and never own up to what you do to others. Go away.

  8. None of them have anything else outside this show except Kandi. Now Kandi could walk away and be set for life. Everyone else is broke and pathetic. So to sum it up, Kenya ain’t going nowhere. But it’s sad that as smart as Kenya pretends to be, she can’t get herself in the kind of situation to where she is her own boss. Her resume since Miss USA is very mediocre and disappointing.

  9. Phaedra is stale bread. Nobody cares about Cynthia’s boring situation. Kenya sucks. Khandi makes for ok TV but can’t hold my interest too long by herself & she cries way too much & gets too hype for all the wrong reasons. I find Nene to be entertaining still, whether you like her or hate her she can give u a good chuckle. Keep Nene & khandi but its time for more fresh & interesting people. This cannot be the best the A can offer up.

  10. So what if she quit she need all of any amount they offer her she is going to end up like sharee broke and no job that’s who they need to bring back someone who doesn’t kiss nene’s behind

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