Keri Hilson & Serge Ibaka Back Together?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago it was rumored that Keri Hilson and Serge Ibaka had called it quits, and Keri stepped forward to confirm the relationship had ended and she planned to sing about it on her upcoming album. But now whispers are suggesting the on and off couple may actually be back on.

In fact, they twosome were reportedly spotted together recently although they called it quits after the holidays last year. Bossip reports:

Earlier this year, BOSSIP exclusively reported on R&B songstress Keri Hilson and her baller-boo Serge Ibaka calling it quits, and Keri herself even hinted that things were donezo with recent comments that “music” is her boyfriend when asked whether or not she’s currently single.

However, a little west coast birdie who was on the scene told BOSSIP that Ms. Keri baby and sir Serge had a date night out in Hollywood just last weekend:

“Keri Hilson was at Chocolate Sundaes Comedy Show in Hollywood this past weekend with Serge Ibaka. They sat in a private corner together and came in together.”



Interestingly enough, Keri did post Valentine’s Day gifts which consisted of flowers and a new Chanel bag to her Instagram account, so just maybe these two really are giving their relationship another try.


    1. Tell me about it. I have a friend going through it now and it’s just painful to watch her go through it. But you can’t tell grown folks what to do.

  1. As cute as they look together, I really feel like on and off relationships are a waste of time. If a couple can’t stay together without taking constant “breaks,” that means someone in the relationship isn’t so sure about the relationship.

  2. Keri girl please let it go. You can do so much better. This man is a baller and too young to give you what you deserve…stability!

  3. Well I hope they are committed to working on whatever issues broke them up the last time. If not, they will break up again.

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