Beauty Queen Antics: Kenya Moore Trashes the Looks of Her Twitter Critics

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore has already told people not to come for her unless she sends for you. So we’re assuming that also applies to her Twitter critics.

Kenya has been labeled as the most classy housewife according to her fans, but all of that appears to go out the window when someone who is not a fan finds a way to her mentions.

In fact, judging by her timeline, one of her favorite “clap backs” for people who aren’t praising her or those that seem to be Team NeNe is to call them ugly.

Check out the tweets below (read from top to bottom):

kenya moore twitter

kenya moore twitter 2

Well we guess if you’re not Team Twirl and you come for Kenya on Twitter, you better make sure you’re attractive because she’ll drag you.


    1. All of them are pathetic. Kenya has to have imaginary men because her good looks don’t make up for her nasty personality disorder which runs men off. Kandi lets her mom rule her life and she will never get married because her mom is too hood for any man to deal with. Porsha is an idiot, she’s nothing but a big booty and small hips. Phaedra is a criminal who couldn’t find anyone but another criminal to sleep with her and marry her. NeNe is a bama who will never see Hollywood again in her ratchet life. Cynthia lets her stupid husband throw all her money away on faulty businesses. And don’t get me started on Marlo’s prostitute self. None of them should have fans or even be on TV. They are an embarrassment to black women everywhere. Every single one of them. Yes I’m judging.

  1. Why does this woman have stans? That’s what I’ve been trying to figure out for the longest. She’s another talentless reality star with a nasty attitude. I wish all of them would go away so we can go back to talking about people with actual talent.

    1. She doesn’t have stans. All those people are just NeNe haters and bandwagoners. That is why I said NeNe is still the bigger star. At least NeNe is liked because of who she is. Not because of who she’s beefing with.

  2. Kenya has two clap backs for everything. 1. You’re ugly. 2. You’re jealous. Yet she has nothing to brag about in her own life. No real career, bootleg movies, no man, no kids, NOTHING.

  3. If none of this RHOA fame translates to a successful business or real acting roles, Kenya has failed. She’s showing out for this show and tarnishing her reputation in the process. It’s very sad to watch. I honestly expected better from her. When I heard she was joining the show I was amped. I thought she’d be classy and be interesting. Not at all. She’s just messy and crazy.

  4. She acts like she’s in high school. What kind of grown woman gets on Twitter and talks about another woman’s looks when they don’t side with her?

  5. Kenya girl, please fix your skin before you come for folks. All the makeup in the world can’t hide your jacked up skin. Girl bye!

  6. Honestly I’ve never heard about a Kenya Moore….don’t remember her in Ms USA….She talks..what some would say a good game…But thats it…SHE A VERY POOR EXCUSE OF A BLACK MS. USA….& is constantly making herself look BAD….Other looking her BAD SKIN..she’s attractive.. (will give her that)…O BOY, EVERYTHING ELSE IS F-IN UGLY!!!

  7. I question any woman who likes Kenya Moore at this point. Every word out her mouth is hatred and she says some of the most offensive things about black women. Notice how she equates beauty to who has the “whitest” features. Meanwhile she’s calling black men on the show apes, and other black women men. All of these women are disgusting to me. I wish they would be booted off the planet. Trash!

  8. I can’t stand this broad. I mean really can’t stand her. She’s like a tornado. She causes nothing but destruction in her path. She has totally ruined this show. I feel like I’m watching LHHATL part 2 now.

  9. Eh I prefer Porsha. She has a real booty and her face is cute. Small hips and her body isn’t lumpy like Kenya’s.

  10. LOL at these weak comebacks. I could have sworn calling people ugly is what you did in elementary school when you had no real argument.

  11. Now didn’t her and Marlo just say NeNe can’t stand when people don’t kiss her butt? Well it looks like Kenya can’t take it either because the tweets she “clapped back” at weren’t even bad.

  12. Now I can see if these people went in on her and called her out her name, but she is really doing too much with these replies because the tweets weren’t even that nasty.

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