Dwyane Wade Reminds Everyone He Cheated on Gabrielle Union, Gets Dragged

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union’s new engagement was rocked by news confirming the Miami Heat star fathered a baby outside of his relationship with the actress.

Gabrielle even caught a lot of backlash for her decision to stay with D Wade despite there being a love child, but the athlete said in a press conference that they had worked through the issue and Gabby worked through the pain he put her through. But that didn’t stop the athlete from seemingly bringing it up once again in such a public way.

The other day he named the actress his #WCW and writes in the caption:

dwyane wade instagram

My #WCW my #beautifulblackqueen… My Life mistakes gave me you and my life mistakes almost made me lose you but your love has conquered all and I hope to spend the rest of my life with you…



While many felt the gesture was sweet, others did not. Some of the comments read:

You’re lucky she didn’t leave you Cus I would’ve! Rich or not

Cheating is NOT A MISTAKE idc what anybody say. We all know right from wrong!!!! You know what you did!

@dwyanewade N*gga yous a cheatin basterd. Clean your dirty d*ck!

Lmao! So you cheated on your wife to get her, but then cheated on her for the next chick. Exactly where is there a lesson learned in these “mistakes”? Your solution to a failing relationship is to go cheat. Your simply repeating yourself. You should have put more time and energy in fixing whatever went wrong in the relationships before stepping out on both women.

@simplii_suzz i don’t get it either! The only thing is what im getting out of this is that he’s not learning. @gabunion deserves better but she don’t thinks that she can do better. The better man are hard to find that’s why we settle for less. I think about 10 yrs or even less he’s gonna dump her for a younger women. That’s what these kinda men do. Then @gabunion wasted all these years on a man that makes “mistakes”……


  1. D Wade reminds me of my ex from college. He cheated and would call me crying and telling me how sorry he was. And then after telling me how much he changed, he cheated again. But he told me if I really loved him, I would stay and work things out. But I figured out eventually real love is putting some else’s feelings and needs before yourself. People like D Wade don’t ever do that. They cheat and give you a sob story because most times it works until the woman smartens up.

  2. If Gabby and Dwyane are happy more power to them. With that being said I can see straight through this BS he is trying to sell. Dwyane is very slick and one of those guys never to trust. He will always let you down and talk his way out of the dog house. Only a weak woman would fall for this BS. A woman who knows her worth knows these words mean absolutely nothing and true love and loyalty is proven with actions.

  3. Please. Dwyane Wade has been making the same mistakes with every woman he’s been with. If Gabby wasn’t so desperate, she would leave and do better.

  4. Didn’t he do his wife the same way he did Gabby? Where is the growth he’s talking about?

  5. I used to be Gabby. Eating up every word and every promise my ex gave me. And I really hated myself for it because I just wanted someone who was loyal to me. I left and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. Met my husband five years ago. Maybe one day Gabby will wake up and stop being mary jane,I did.

  6. Sigh…I’m so over these two. Nothing about them is sweet to me. Nothing but stunts and damage control. He was calling her his black queen when he knocked his side chick up too.

  7. Gabby could do so much better but until she realizes that, she will think this is the best she can do. Me personally, I’m not impressed. Now I would be impressed if D Wade actually kept it in his pants and never put her through this in the first place. That’s the kind of man that deserves praise.

  8. I guess. It’s always those couples that try so hard to get public approval and public praise that are the most f-cked up.

  9. Sweet? He got another woman pregnant and proposed to make up for it. There’s nothing sweet about any of this.

  10. It’s sad that so many women are used to men being trifling that they think this is acceptable and something “sweet.”

  11. She’s a beautiful woman and has her own money. Maybe one day she will realize she deserves a man that doesn’t make so many hurtful mistakes. There are real men out here who aren’t getting other women pregnant. I don’t understand why some women feel like they have to earn a man when that same man ain’t working to keep them.

  12. “Cheating is NOT A MISTAKE idc what anybody say. We all know right from wrong!!!! You know what you did!”

    That had to be the realest comment up there.

  13. Hopefully he will lay this stuff on the back burner. Dwyane has a game with the Spurs tonight and the Heat needs him to be on his A-Game.

  14. He should’ve left this alone at #WCW…the rest of it was unnecessary and humiliating. The thought was nice but in the end it was a fail. She doesn’t need a reminder that your whorish ways got her out her looking crazy for staying and dealing with the fact that you couldn’t keep in his drawers and finally admitting that she’s the “homewrecker” she’s been called for years. #dumba-s

  15. Mmmmmhhh….. So he actually admitted that he cheated on his ex wife with her? I’ve nothing else to say! Gabby he is all yours!

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