Sundy Carter Puts Brandi Maxiell’s Husband on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Brandi Maxiell husband cheating? Sundy Carter doesn’t seem to care too much that her criminal record was just exposed a few days ago, nor does she mind that people know she had a child with a married man. Instead, she’s still being messy and beefing with the rest of the BBWLA chicks.

The “Basketball Wives LA” newbie has been involved in a very public beef with Draya that even led to a shouting match at a Pre Oscars party, but now it appears that she also has a bone to pick with Brandi Maxiell.

The other day both had a Twitter beef for whatever reason, and Sundy decided to hit below the belt and she put Brandi’s husband Jason Maxiell (Orlando Magic) on blast and claimed he’s allegedly been sleeping with her friends:

sundy carter brandi maxiell beef


  1. Sundy is such a sad case. She’s so angry and vindictive. I really hope she realizes one day that being this way won’t bring peace or happiness to her life.

  2. Ok so this is why I don’t believe she didn’t know her child’s father was married. She clearly doesn’t have any morals.

  3. Sundy really has some serious issues. She was is so worried about Draya’s past, but she makes Draya look like a saint. She slept with a married man and had his child. She has a criminal record. Ugh, she’s terrible.

  4. Is the VH1 check really that important that she will keep making a fool out of herself? I’m actually embarrassed for her.

  5. She needs to hop off Twitter and raise her daughter. She’s already shown that she may have just as many issues as mommy soon if Mommy doesn’t step up. And that is scary.

    1. EXACTLY! She and Malaysia which is really pathetic and super stupid. It was not true love that made Malaysia return it was that true wallet. They love the lifestyle so they tolerate the bull and it’s sickening. And, nothing Sunday has done or can do eradicates the fact that Draya is a straight ho. Now, there are just two hoes on the shoe. Draya has moved her son in with a man that she has only been dating for 6 months after she hasn’t had him for a minute…the same girl who was at a tanning salon when the police went to her house to check on her unattended son eating his frozen meals (according to the article I read). A tanning be is not a necessity and anyway it’s irresponsible even if it was for her “job”. Still irresponsible. Come on folks, this is a girl that celebrated the fact that she now wears panties…smh. Just two loose women and Draya is no spring chicken either — she also should know better. I thought the show would be better without the Govan sisters…wrong! I just can’t continue to support the show because it’s full of hoes and dummies.

      1. Sundy is so pathetic having a child with a married man and continuously starting conflict between the women. She truly deserves the black eye that Draya gave her.

  6. Yeah….. this is what I needed to make me stop watching this show. I can’t take this isht seriously man.

  7. Everybody sleeping with her friends. Maybe she needs to focus on finding some better friends, than so worried about everyone else’s business. Damb Sundy, you so tired.

  8. So it sounds like Sundy and all if her friends including the men are HOES and SKEEZE. Every time thot mentions her friends they fcking some1 and it sounds like she be right there probably fckn and sucking too smh

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