Malaysia Pargo Drops Bombshell in New Interview About ‘Basketball Wives’ Exit

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Brandi Maxiell and Malaysia Pargo clashed the last time they were on “Basketball Wives.”

Malaysia Pargo‘s exit from “Basketball Wives” was so controversial that fans couldn’t help but discuss the drama on social media. Before she left, her friendship with Brandi Maxiell soured. Brandi accused Malaysia of not reaching out after her father passed away. Malaysia said she didn’t know Brandi’s father died. So she wasn’t being malicious by not reaching out. Regardless, Brandi did not believe this. She said there’s no way Malaysia didn’t know just based on their social media connections and friends in common. Malaysia pushed back at this. She said she isn’t on social media often and no one told her about Brandi’s father.

Another breaking point for Malaysia was the accusation made by Jennifer Williams. Jennifer also wasn’t feeling Malaysia. Zell Swag was coming around a lot and Jennifer thought this was intentional. In her mind, Malaysia told Zell to come for her. Out of spite, Jennifer alleged Malaysia lost her Atlanta home via foreclosure. Malaysia decided to leave “Basketball Wives” sometime after Jennifer made the claim. During her conversation with DJ Duffey and Jackie Christie, Malaysia said leaving made it possible to focus on her mental health. At the time, she was also stressed out over her co-parenting relationship with Jannero Pargo being a mess. She alleged Jannero wasn’t doing his part for the kids financially.

Well, Malaysia discussed this and more during a new interview with Carlos King. Malaysia is the star of Carlos’ new WE tv show, “Bold & Bougie.” Carlos built the cast around Malaysia.

Malaysia Pargo broke down why she can’t make peace with Brandi Maxiell.

He asked Malaysia if her last season of “Basketball Wives” was the nail in the coffin for her and Brandi’s friendship. Malaysia confirmed the door was closed.

“I feel like she was constantly trying to bury me. She could look in my eye and tell I was hurt and I was going through something. She was exploiting that, to me, and she kept trying to kick me while I was down. I said that was never my friend. And so friendship is not welcome and I love her. I’m always gonna love her, I’m always gonna have her back. Whatever we did with our friendship, our partying, and all that stuff, that was like a dear space in my heart. I’m gonna always keep that.”

She continued, “I have no ill feelings but for me, it is best that I stay on my side and she stays on hers. This last season really just…I was like ****. I didn’t realize that I was your enemy. And that hurt. Didn’t realize I was your enemy. I did nothing to you for me to be your enemy. So, that’s fine.”

Malaysia also dropped a bombshell.

“I was tired and I was in a stupid relationship that was taking me through it. I had a miscarriage during the situation.”

Carlos asked, “You had a miscarriage on your last season?”

Malaysia responded, “Yeah. I was stressed out.”

Carlos is in disbelief, “You were pregnant?!”

Malaysia confirmed there is more.

“I was definitely pregnant. What else? My mom was sick. I was going through it. And when I say I was so broken that a real friend would have been able to look a person in their eyes and tell by the way that they speak, the way that they move, the spunk that they have…that this ain’t the time. This ain’t the time so for you to just start picking small things when you know it’s not true was very hurtful for me because I was still very tender and raw. I would never intentionally do anything bad to hurt you or your family. So just say something because everybody doesn’t live on the internet.”


  1. Malaysia should close the door on Brandi, because Malaysia had Brandi back the the season 1st started, GOOD BYE BRANDI

  2. Malaysia you have to realize you threw Jennifer to the wolves with Evelyn and now that the other girls EXPOSED you now you’re the “victim” being picked on. Man just stop

  3. Jackie Christie was your one and only real friend I believe and you treated her like shit 😟 I’m so sorry you are going through your pain I pray that all will work out for you believe and it will. I remember when you first came on the show you prayed all the time stay in your Spirit ok you are Beautiful 🤩

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