Walter Jackson Clowns Kenya Moore’s ‘Invisible’ African Prince & Says She’s Broke

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

One would think Walter Jackson would be done giving interviews about Kenya Moore, but it appears he actually has much more to say about his “ex” and the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” starlet.

During Kenya’s first season on the hit reality show, Walter went to Atlanta radio station V-103 to suggest their relationship was just for the cameras because Kenya asked him to pretend to date her so she could get on the show.

Kenya denied the accusations and said Walter was just determined to make her look bad because they had a bad breakup. She later accused him of being gay as well.

But in a new interview with Mail Online, Walter says Kenya is the one who likes to pretend and her new relationship with an “African Prince” is just another lie:

“She talks about an African boyfriend, but nobody on the set or in the cast says they have ever seen him. I am still close friends with a lot of the stars on the show and it has become a bit of a joke, no one believes he is actually real.

“She has started talking about getting a sperm donor so she can have a baby. If she had a boyfriend, would she need a sperm donor?”



Walter says Kenya moved to Atlanta to do the reality show in hopes it would relaunch her career, and alleged money issues are the reason she takes such desperate measures:

“She needs this show, it pays her well and as far as I ever saw she hasn’t got much money without it. She says she runs a production company, but I didn’t see any evidence that it makes money. I used to go and stay with her out in LA. Her place was OK, but she is nothing like the image she tries to give off on television.

“She is not glamorous and she is not rich. I didn’t ever see her buy anything. I know she owns a Range Rover, but I am sure that Bentley is rented. She probably gets it from the dealership for free in return for advertising.

“She hasn’t ever owned a house in Atlanta as far as I am concerned.”


Walter then echoes the gossip amongst the Atlanta socialites and says Kenya is only in Atlanta when it’s time to film and doesn’t actually live there:

“I mean everything about her is fake in my opinion. She doesn’t even live in Atlanta. As far as I know she flies in for filming then flies back out to LA. All the rest of the cast go out together and are known In Atlanta. She never goes out in the city.

“I’m out all the time and I never see her.

“I’m not a hater, I think she is a great actress and great entertainment, but people need to open their eyes a bit if they think what they see from her is reality.”


    1. Didn’t Kenya go on a smear campaign and try to paint the man gay though? I’d say he’s just getting even. #shrugs

  1. Walter didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. It’s obvious Kenya is desperate because about 20 years ago she would have never signed up for any reality show. She’s at the end of her rope and hanging on for dear life. But hey, I heard she’s about to get a Donald Trump check, so that’s at least $20,000 more.

    1. LOL and NeNe did Celebrity Apprentice first. Sad that Miss USA has to settle with NeNe’s sloppy seconds.

    2. They have been saying she was going to do the show months before CA was even renewed. They even said K Michelle was doing it. I’ll believe it when NBC actually confirms it. If so, NeNe will just gloat and say she did it first and Kenya is just trying to be her. Yall know how NeNe is…lol.

      1. Honestly I can see her doing Celebrity Apprentice. It’s the reality show for C and D listers. Kenya fits right on in.

      1. Yeah, the point is for them to win money to give to a charity so they only get a flat fee of around $20,000 for the season.

  2. I feel like he didn’t say anything we haven’t heard already. Kenya clearly treats RHOA like a job. She will lie, cheat, steal a husband, whatever just to have a storyline. We’ve known this since her first season.

  3. To be fair, all of these people are faking in some way. This is their bread and butter. It’s their job. Of course Kenya lies about just about everything. She’s trying to secure her Bravo check.

  4. I don’t care for Kenya but I really wish Walter didn’t give an interview like he was going to give us some new tea. None of this is new information. I feel like he wasted all of our time. LOL.

    1. Kenya is just as pressed. She’s in everyone else’s business and has none of her own. Read her blogs for reference.

  5. The only people who don’t get that Kenya is a compulsive liar are her 10 fans. Everyone else knows the deal. This is just a reality show. Everyone is faking and none of these women are classy or deserve praise. Just watch the show and be entertained.

  6. I laughed! Yes he didn’t say anything we haven’t heard but it’s the fact that he’s saying anything at all that makes me chuckle. Walter will not let Kenya be great.

  7. Bet you Nene puts her on blast at the reunion, about that Nigerian cab driver Kenya paid to impersonate her boyfriend when they met up with Nene. I swear, Kenya is such a liar-face. Maybe she used the $650, 000 from the sale of her house in LA to lease that car too. The same car that had Nene cracking up when Andy asked her if she believed the boyfriend bought it for Kenya. Yep, Nene had Kenya’s number from day 1.

  8. There’s something about a man spilling a woman’s business that just plucks my nerves… Known information or not. While people are handing Peter a peach, Walter needs one too.

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