K. Michelle Calls out Erica Dixon & Ariane Davis

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K. Michelle is no longer on the hit reality show “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” and she has her own reality show debuting on VH1 soon, but the R&B singer seems to feel some kind of way because her friendships on the show didn’t carry out post her walking away.

When asked by her own fans if she still had a friendship with Erica Dixon and Ariane Davis since leaving and her music career taking off, K. Michelle didn’t hold back.

She tweets (read tweets from top to bottom):

k michelle twitter

k michelle twitter 2


  1. Did she know them before the show? Because if not, I’m not sure why she expected them to stay in touch. They were only cool with her for filming purposes.

    1. Ariane didn’t even tell K she slept with Memphitz. That should have been a sign to her that they weren’t really friends to begin with. And Erica strikes me as someone who isn’t friends with any of these people outside of the show.

  2. Did K forget how messy she was on the show? They probably haven’t contacted her because of some of the things she did while she was on the show. Maybe they will reach out eventually when they are over everything.

  3. Don’t tell me she’s really surprised. None of those women care about each other outside of the cameras. Let’s just keep it all the way real.

  4. Who cares Kmichelle has she called them though friendship is a two way street. Nobody about to kiss her massive a-s.

    1. Thank you. What she really wanted was them kissing her a-s and they didn’t so she’s mad. Chick acts like she’s Rihanna or somebody. Girl stop.

  5. K Michelle needs to stop. She knows she wasn’t really friends with any of those girls. I thought she could stop acting now that she’s not on the show anymore. lol

  6. She has a nasty attitude. And her “success” has already gone to her head. I wouldn’t call her either.

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