Is Peter Thomas Trying to Secure a RHOA Spinoff?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes and a few of the other housewives may feel Peter Thomas is getting way too involved in the drama that is taking place on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but it now appears there’s a very good reason for him meddling in the affairs of the ladies.

According to the latest gossip, Peter is only stirring the pot so much because he’s trying to get a spinoff of his own.

LA LATE reports:

A Peter Thomas, Gregg Leakes “fight” last night might have dominated the RHOA conclusion. But it was all used to launch a spinoff series, LALATE can exclusively report.



Interestingly enough, Peter and the rest of the RHOA “husbands” revealed not too long ago that they don’t get a check for filming any scenes. So perhaps it makes sense that Peter is hoping to secure a Bravo check of his own.


  1. You know what it makes perfect sense. I thought he was doing the most to keep Cynthia on the show but now I do think he’s hoping he can finally get his own check. Well played.

  2. This is believable Peter is always starting sh-t to make sure he is a hot topic to secure a spinoff. I mean he is doing confessionals like the other housewives.

  3. Is Bravo really going to give everyone on RHOA their own show? Everyone is more interesting together and boring as hell when they get their own shows. When will they get that?

    1. Ugh. I hope not. I really wouldn’t care to watch him on his own show. What will he even film about? Bar One and lawsuits? I’m just saying. He’s only interesting now because he’s stirring the pot with NeNe and co. Take that away, and his show won’t be worth watching.

  4. Peter annoys the hell out of me but I can’t say I blame him. If he doesn’t get a check for being on RHOA, why not do what he has to get his own show? I’m sure him and Cynthia need the money anyway.

  5. I have no interest in seeing Uncle Ben and his boring wife on their own show. No thank you, I’ll pass.

  6. Yeah this explains everything. I wouldn’t be surprised if Bravo did give him a show. It would flop tho…

  7. Now why did I suspect this? I knew he was on ten for a reason. I could see the desperation in every scene he’s in now.

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