Tamar Braxton Slams Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo/WEtv
Photo Credit: Bravo/WEtv/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Team Twirl may be expanding by the day, but Kenya Moore surely isn’t running out of critics either. In fact, many took to social media after the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” to slam the reality star for seemingly getting in the middle of Phaedra Park’s marriage.

Tamar Braxton gave her two cents on the subject during her recent appearance on the Russ Parr Morning Show. She says:

“I do think there were several ratchet moments, but the one that sticks out to me the most was Ms. Kenya, I’m not talking about Kenya per se, but just any woman who feels like it’s ok to have somebody’s husband and have a conversation with them one on one. And try to be friends with him and not the wife. That right there is slap nation moment, ok?

“I’m sorry. I feel like I have to read all the Kenyas of the world who just be trying it and then come to the face of the wife and be like, ‘You need to ask him. I think he need to speak for himself.’  No hoe! I’ma speak for you, me and him! That’s my man.

“I don’t like that stuff. You know, I’m real protective of my Teddy Ruxpin. And I wish somebody would try me like that! I just feel like she tried Phaedra like that because she felt like she could. Now she wouldn’t try NeNe like that. See what I’m trying to say?”

How do you feel about Tamar’s comments? Check out the audio below:



In related news, Kenya may be too busy to even respond to Tamar these days. The RHOA star is busying filming for the next season of Celebrity Apprentice, with Vivica Fox, Ludacris and Keshia Knight Pulliam.

Congrats to Kenya.


    1. Mrs kenya ho moore i would’ve been got her a-s like porsha did but porsha wait to dam long but the first season they would’ve cancel the show she cross that line too much.. Lol very SERIOUSLY

  1. I have to agree with Tamar on this one. I’m not excusing Apollo’s behavior but I’m not going to excuse Kenya’s either. If she was married, I’m pretty sure she would want to slap the taste out a woman’s mouth for telling her that she can’t speak for her own husband. I’m glad Phaedra didn’t get violent, but I don’t blame her for wanting to at that point.

  2. I don’t even really rock with Tamar like that but she told the truth. And Kenya would not have tried Nene like that. She knows who to try and how far to go. Her favorite people to start ish with is Porsha and Phaedra because she knows they won’t kick her a-s.

  3. I’m married and I’m not ashamed to say I would have whooped Kenya’s a-s up and down the street had she looked me in my face and told me not to speak for my husband. She can twirl her a-s right on into this a-s whooping.

  4. Kenya knows what she’s doing and who she can go after. I agree it would not have happened with NeNe.Gregg wouldn’t have allowed it but NeNe would have bodied her too.

  5. Tamar told no lies though. I was talking to my friends about this yesterday, and we were just saying how Kenya wouldn’t have done this with NeNe or Kandi. She knows they would stomp her out. But Cynthia better watch it. Kenya ain’t afraid to try her. LOL.

  6. Yeah but Vince and Gregg know better though. They wouldn’t even entertain Kenya if she did try it. That’s the real issue here. Why is Apollo ok with disrespecting his wife? Phaedra needs to go ahead and file those papers. She needs to get back with that DJ in Atlanta, her real true love.

    1. That does not give Kenya a pass for being spiteful and disrespectful though. It annoys me how some people think that a single person can’t take responsibility for interfering in a marriage because they didn’t take any vows. You still have to do the right thing whether you are single or not.

  7. BEACH SCENE….KENYA says..she has 99 problems..but d-ck ain’t one of them…THIS TRICK HAS YET TO BRING A REAL RELATIONSHIP FORCE…but in APOLLA’S FACE…

    1. BEACH SCENE….KENYA says..she has 99 problems..but d-ck ain’t one of them…THIS TRICK HAS YET TO BRING A REAL RELATIONSHIP FORTH….but in APOLLA’S FACE…

  8. Tamar is right. A real woman with class would not have done what Kenya did. But it’s cool, she fits right in with the rest of the women on the show. I get why she wasn’t able to do more after winning the Miss USA title.

  9. While I cosign completely, Tamar needs to remember that she really doesn’t have to worry about another woman trying to get close to Vince. At all.

  10. Now y’all know if these dry broke down rappers and singers can get girls so can a man like Vince that is established in the music business. He may big and sloppy at times but he has charisma. At any rate I’m not married but I’ll get like that with my significant other. I wish a bish would on any given Sunday.

  11. I like Kenya but I have to admit she made herself look trashy by what she did to Phaedra. Sometimes getting even isn’t worth it.

  12. A lot of Kenya’s fans won’t admit it because we love her, but if I was Phaedra I would have clocked her a-s. Real talk. She’s my girl and all but nah. You don’t tell a wife she can’t speak for her husband. That will get your a-s whooped out here in these streets.

  13. Tamar’s right! I think Kenya tries Phaedra like this because she knows Phaedra isn’t going to do anything and the reason Phaedra isn’t going to act a fool with her is because Phaedra’s a business woman first and that being said, she’s an attorney and any type of violent behavior with Kenya on camera could possibly have her disbarred. Now if Phaedra wasn’t an attorney, I’m sure she’d slap the bish!

  14. As soon as Phaedra walked up on Kenya & Apollo she shoulda WENT OFF & got really AGGRESSIVE on Kenya AND Apollo. Sometimes being classy, cool & level-headed doesn’t do the job bcz GETTING CRAZY is the only language SOME people understand. And in this case Apollo AND Kenya needed to be checked, and checked DEEP.
    When you try talking to messy btichez they don’t HEAR you. But when you whip a btich’s AYASS they hear loud & clear & they chill the fcuk out with all the nonsense. And in this case “BTICHES” = Apollo AND Kenya

  15. I truly understand Tamar and yes in a situation like that at that moment is the time to check a bitch about your man, I feel like Tamar he ain’t talking about shit I’m talking and slappin me a hoe she (Kenya) really tried it. I wanted to be in Phaedra shoes that day it would of been an unforgettable episode of RHOA ,she would never want to twirl around nobody else man..

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