2 Chainz Embarrasses a Groupie

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

2 Chainz has no sympathy for groupies who make it backstage and have no idea who they are really back there to see in the first place.

Apparently the rapper caught a pretty young woman by the name of Tina roaming around backstage after one of his shows, and she told him she came back there to see his homie Cap-1. It all goes downhill after that.

Baller Alert blogs:

Quick synopsis of the video: Tina attempts to work her way back stage to meet up with Cap-1 whom she follows on Instagram. 2 Chainz sees Tina trying to get back stage and tries to identify who she belongs to. Cap-1 doesn’t claim Tina, even though she assures she is there to see him. What made things worse is that she was standing next to Cap-1 and didn’t realize it was him. At this point the game is on! Tina realizes she’s being recorded during all of this but seems a little slow. She clearly is all beauty, no brains. They clown Tina for a little while and send her packing. She tries to switch up real quickly and sweet talk 2 Chainz but it doesn’t work because as soon as she refers to August ALSINA as August AL-SELENA, she gets the boot.



2 Chainz showed no mercy for Tina and even told her at one point that him and his crew weren’t thinking about “p*ssy” because they were more concerned with getting money:

“Baby we ain’t studying no p*ssy over here. We’re getting money.”


Why didn’t Tina consider that a brief Instagram conversation doesn’t warrant a backstage pass? Check out the video below:


  1. This is what happens when you’re pretty but incredibly stupid. She probably still doesn’t get the big picture either.

    1. I’m sorry, but many of our males have been treating us this way since we were virgins, so it can take a while for some of us to know how we really should be treated as black women. and our fellow “sistas,” many of them support the bad behavior of our “brothas”– even as grown a-s women– as you can see here. this starts in elementary and lasts as long as old a-s males and females, like these people, will pass this down. now you know why so many of us come across as fuc ked up, and get little to no respect so often. 

    2. someone tell me does the real representation of older black women of today laugh at the girl, or escort her out and maybe talk to her outside the door and then check those grown boys later? and we wonder why they call us bi tch.

  2. I couldn’t even get through the whole video. They talked to her and treated her like she was less than human, and she didn’t even mind it. Just sad all around.

  3. 2 Chainz better enjoy it now because he won’t even be relevant in a few years. He’ll just end up another broke, has been rapper.

  4. LOL I’m sorry this was funny to me. Yeah, it was mean but this chick was too dumb to even understand that she was being disrespected.

  5. I don’t have any sympathy for groupies. If they wanted respect, they would have more respect for themselves. A man will only do what you allow.

  6. Isn’t 2 Chainz engaged? I’m trying to understand what his fiancee sees in him. Look how he treated this woman. Smh!

  7. Apparently this chick is a known groupie and does this quite often. So I don’t feel bad for her at all.

  8. She even asks cap 1 “are you really going along with this” I feel like she got played by Cap 1 and he didn’t fess up that he knew her. Groupie or not embarrassing someone who did nothing to you is foul.

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