Them’s Fighting Words: Kenya Moore Slams NeNe Leakes for Adult Dancer Past

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes may be busy filming their new reality show gigs, but the RHOA stars are still finding time to keep their onscreen beef going it seems, or at least Kenya is.

In the recent issue of In Touch Weekly, Kenya takes jabs at NeNe’s past as an adult dancer and her new “Dancing with the Stars” gig. The publication writes:

Kenya was shocked when her former pal NeNe proclaimed on camera that she was “on a different level” than her RHOA costars. But the former Miss USA isn’t taking the diss to heart.

According to Kenya, NeNe is nothing more than a “former stripper” and when asked if she will watch NeNe compete on this season of Dancing With the Stars, Kenya told In Touch, “I’ll turn it on if I want to go to sleep.”


  1. Washed up beauty queen and former stripper….can either really shade the other? I don’t think so.

  2. Kenya is such a coward. She always throws her shade in her confessionals and in interviews/blogs but never says any of this to NeNe’s face.

    1. That’s because she knows NeNe will eat her alive. Kenya doesn’t know how to think on her feet. She has to think about her reads and steal them from her delusional stans on twitter and on forums. She never comes up with her own material.

  3. The fact that she can’t say anything nice about all the things NeNe has done since doing RHOA makes me think she’s jealous. She probably think she’s doing something because she’s on Celebrity Apprentice but NeNe did that already. Everything she is trying to do has been done already by NeNe. Seethe Kenya.

  4. She has such a nasty attitude. I didn’t think anyone could be worse than NeNe but then Kenya came along.

  5. Meh. Let me know when she actually says all of this to NeNe, like in her face. Because I’m over her scary antics. She’s bold when she’s not in the person’s face. The only people she tries are Porsha and Phaedra because she thinks they are the weakest links.

  6. NeNe is nothing more than a former stripper? Really Kenya? NeNe had two recurring acting roles on major shows on a major network (nothing you’ve ever had), she’s done several reality shows and even got her own (you’re just now getting on another reality show), and she has a fashion line dropping soon. But you’ll be quick to say NeNe is jealous of your accomplishments when you won’t acknowledge all of hers (which outnumber yours). Smh.

  7. Team NENE…the past is just that…THE PAST….Worry about where u were in the past to where u r now…& how u got there…SAY THAT $HIT TO NENE’S FACE…U R ONE RESPECTFUL, RATCHET TRICK…w/ no MAN…

  8. What Kenya’s silly behind fails to realize is that everything Nene does has been an upgrade from her stripper days. She on the other hand, has seriously downgraded since she won that crown.

  9. Clearly Kenya has no man, hobby, or other projects outside of RHOA. All she do is bash these women to the public in order to stay relevant. They should thank her that’s free publicity.

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