Groupie Embarrassed by 2 Chainz Plans to Sue Rapper over Infamous Video

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day we posted a video in which rapper 2 Chainz did the absolute most to embarrass a groupie he caught walking around freely backstage.

In the video that some of you felt was hard to watch, the rapper and his crew repeatedly made insulting remarks to the young woman who goes by the name Tina, and in one part of the video 2 Chainz actually refers to her as a “that hoe over there (THOT).”

Tina now says that she feels it was wrong for 2 Chainz to treat her the way he did and she now plans to sue the rapper for ruining her image because she isn’t a THOT.

Word On Da Street reports:

#IsThisYoLawsuit? 2 Chainz is already getting threatened with a lawsuit for the video he put out yesterday of the “#IsThisYoThot” groupie that managed to sneak her way backstage at one of his concerts. She didn’t waste any time did she? She has already retained a lawyer and says that she wants to go on Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club to tell her side of the story.

groupie suing 2 chainz



Do you think she has a right to sue 2 Chainz? Speak on it below.


  1. IMHO he deserves to be sued. What he did was wrong. I’m not saying it’s ok for any woman to be a groupie, but what he did was unnecessary.

  2. I don’t get some women. If you behave like a groupie, you can’t expect these rappers to treat you like a queen. She brought all of this on herself and deserves not one dime. Pathetic.

  3. I don’t think she’s going to get much but I don’t blame her for trying to make the most out the situation. #shrugs

  4. Like most groupies, she’s an opportunist. She isn’t smart enough to make money on her own accord so I’m not surprised by this.

  5. Yea she trying to get paid but this hasn’t stopped her from being thirsty because she is still posting pics with rappers like nothing. At first I felt sorry for her but I don’t anymore. SMH I hope she doesn’t get a dime this is the groupie life she chose now take the good with the bad.

  6. She’s Ridiculous. He Couldn’t Have “Ruined Your Life” If You Were Not Backstage. You Behave Like A Groupie, You Get Treated Like A Groupie. I Have No Sympathy For Her. Women Need To Wake Up!!!

  7. She needs to get a damn job. That’s her problem now. She doesn’t want to work and get her own money. She wants a man to pay her bills. Smh.

  8. She can’t be serious! She knew she was being recorded… “am I on a blog? do I look cute?” GIRL BYE!!! Even after all that she shouted out her IG name. SIT DOWN SOMEWHERE TINA!!

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