Groupie Puts Robert Griffin III on Blast

Photo Credit: Keith Allison
Photo Credit: Keith Allison

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Another day, another athlete gets put on blast by a groupie. NFL star Robert Griffin III got caught up just hours before he tied the knot to his college sweetheart (a woman sent screenshots of text messages to the media that suggested the athlete was pursuing her just hours before his wedding), and now the still very married quarterback is once again being put on blast by a woman who claims he was in her hotel room.

In Flex We Trust reports:

A woman who goes by Robyn Ashley on Twitter, tweeted that she was currently in RG3′s hotel room. Then to prove that she was in fact there, she snapped a picture and posted it. It’s a little blurry but it does in fact look like the Redskins QB. Maybe there’s an explanation for this but right now it doesn’t look too good.



Blogger Terez Owens even got a snapshot of the “proof” she provided on Twitter:

rg3 caught up



When the blogs started to pick up the story, the young woman then began to backtrack. She tells Terez:

“Just wanted to tackle this before anyone gets hurt. I was with one of RG’s ex college teammates who came to say what’s up to him before he left the next morning. Didn’t mean to insinuate that I was “with” RG or insult his wife. I was hanging out with my good friend who is Marcus Santa Cruz’s girlfriend and they wanted to go say hi to him while he was in town. There were 5 of us total that all came and left together and we were only there for a few minutes.” Take that for what you will, but it’s still not a good look for a married man to have college girls in his hotel room at 4am.


  1. He’s always cheated. And I don’t think for a second that he was there at 4 am chilling. But whatever.

  2. I don’t think any married man should be at any woman’s hotel room at 4am, whether he’s with friends or not. So I’m side eyeing the whole situation and her “statement.”

  3. LOL uh oh. Has he not learned yet that these side chicks will keep telling on him? He needs to smarten up if he’s going to be out here cheating. Most athletes on his level will at least make these jumpoffs sign confidentiality agreements.

  4. These chicks are hilarious. They don’t keep their mouths shut anymore. They hop on Twitter and Instagram and brag about being side chicks. It’s crazy to me.

  5. It’s disturbing how some of these athletes just don’t take their marriages seriously. And to think he just got married. And he’s cheating already. But I guess he figures he can because most of the athlete wives are more in love with the lifestyle (the money) than the man anyway.

  6. RG3 really needs to get it together. He’s letting his fame get to his head and he’s doing his wife real dirty. These cheap whores he’s creeping with are just trying to trap him. The next thing we’ll be hearing is he got one of them pregnant. These athletes are dumb.

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