Kenya Moore Gets Called out on Twitter for ‘Self Hate’ Issues

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

While most of social media was busy discussing NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey’s friendship souring over NeNe calling Peter Thomas a b*tch, others took to social media to call out Kenya Moore over the comments she made about getting a black baby doll over a white one.

On last night’s episode, Kenya was given a doll so she could be evaluated on her possible parenting skills, but many didn’t like some of the comments she made about the black doll.

While she appeared to be joking, Kenya expressed she was disappointed she didn’t get a white doll instead and when the woman who brought over the doll told her that her future child would be black anyway, Kenya then said that she has white genes so her baby may end up having white features.

It didn’t take long for the self-proclaimed Queen of RHOA to get dragged something serious in her mentions (read tweets from top to bottom):

kenya moore self hate tweets

kenya moore self hate tweets 2

kenya moore self hate tweets 3


  1. Yeah I shook my head when she said that and to think, Kenya’s fans swear she’s the most classy and intelligent person on the show. Nope. I don’t think so.

  2. Now watch tho ignorant bish blog and say she was just kidding like she didn’t say the same ignorant crap when she was taking about surrogates in a previous episode. Remember when she said she wanted her baby to have a “slender” nose and green eyes?

  3. How did she not know that having a white surrogate won’t keep her from having a black baby? She can no longer call Porsha dumb.

  4. It’s funny because Kenya and her fans swear people don’t like her because we are jealous of her looks but it turns out she doesn’t even like her looks. And she’s too damn old to still be wearing colored contacts. People stopped doing that like 15 years ago.

  5. I peeped game about Kenya a long time ago. Anyone who proudly wears hazel contact lenses in 2014 has to hate themselves.

  6. The more and more I watch the show, it’s so clear why Kenya has never been married and her career never took off.

  7. She’ll just say she was joking and people are just jealous of her. You know, her typical deflection technique that only works on complete idiots. I told people she’s no better than NeNe or anyone else on that show.

  8. Kenya has been saying things like this all season. Any woman who says she wants her child to have white features is nothing but a clown.

  9. Kenya is really showing her a-s and selling out for that check. No one can say she’s above anyone anymore. LOL.

  10. I still love Kenya but I’m really disappointed that she said what she did. She is on a huge public platform and millions watch the show. So why give anyone the assumption that you hate your dark skin? Smh.

  11. Now see I would have given Kenya a pass for this but because she said this mess on another episode before this one, I can’t stan for this chick no more. She’s an embarrassment to the whole race.

  12. Kenya is boring when she is not starting drama with the other housewives. So when she has her own scenes about her personal life, she’s awkward and tries to over compensate with her ignorant “humor.” This was already made clear with those thirsty twerking scenes and the previous staged scenes about her forced baby storyline. She does not need her own show. She’s meaningless without everyone else.

  13. SMH I hate when people self hate like it’s attractive? It doesn’t matter how “white” she tries to act, she’s the same as the rest of us to the rest of them…

  14. Kenya will say it was a joke, but she’s already made comments like this before on an earlier episode. I think she knows she’s boring as hell when she’s not being messy with the other ladies, so she just does way too much on her individual scenes because she knows it’s not entertaining to most people. Too bad she makes herself look real dumb and desperate when the others aren’t around to stir the pot with. So yeah, Team Twirl can kill all that “queen” talk. Kenya has no real personality and has to stir the pot to be entertaining.

  15. Kenya loves to talk about how dumb Porsha is but I swear she makes herself look just as ignorant on this show each episode. I don’t want to hear from anyone again that she’s classy or intelligent. She is neither.

  16. Yeah, I was able to like her just a little, regardless of how much trouble she caused. I even gave her a pass the first time she was talking about what features she wanted for her child when she was at the sperm bank, but after last night, I am done with sel-hating Kenya Moore. Embarrassing on so many levels.

  17. Whoa she really said that? I missed last night’s episode. I’m going to have to find it on the internet and see what the heck happened. I love me some Kenya so she has some explaining to do about this one.

  18. I knew Kenya doing RHOA was a big mistake. Since she’s been on the show she’s managed to make herself look so bad and so ignorant. She should have never agreed to be a part of this mess. It’s such a bad look for her.


  20. Kenya Moore needs to be in a padded room with a straight jacket on laying on couches and talk about it.

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