Watch: Todd Tucker Confronts Mama Joyce

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

In the upcoming episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Todd finally has enough of Mama Joyce’s interference and he draws up the courage to confront her.

In a preview of the episode, he puts it all on the table and says he wants to know if she can ever learn to like him and accept him as her son-in-law.

“So I really want to talk to you Mama Joyce. I know we’ve had our ups and downs. And I don’t know what it is from your side. But it’s just somewhere we kind of went wrong. And you look at me like an opportunist, “He’s not here for the right reasons. He’s dating her friend.’ It’s just a lot of things that were said. And just for me, I rather just speak to you directly. One on one. Just to get an understanding. Even if it’s just an understanding that, ‘You know what Todd, I’m probably never going to like you.’ I can live with that at least if I know it and I get it from you. “

Too bad this conversation didn’t do too much to make things better between Todd and Mama Joyce. In fact, things got so bad before the wedding that Todd’s mom had to check Mama Joyce just hours before he and Kandi were married.


  1. Well at least he tried. I really think Mama Joyce has a lot of issues that can’t be solved by Todd or Kandi. So they really just have to learn how to be happy without her approval.

  2. I lost respect for you is what she tells him huh? Well Mama Joyce, a lot of us lost respect for you too boo when we saw your section citizen behind throw a shoe at someone on national television.

  3. I respect Todd for trying to approach the situation in a mature way and go directly to Mama Joyce, I just know this won’t change anything. And the wedding won’t change anything, sadly.

  4. Todd has grown on me. At first I thought he was up to no good, but he really does seem like a good person. And he has his own career so I don’t know why she swears he’s just a gold digger with no job.

  5. I LUV my momma too….but DISRESPECT isn’t something I will tolerate from anyone….KANDI HAS TO GROW SOME BALLS….its not what u say…its how u say it….ONLY WHEN WILL HER MOM BACK OFF!

  6. I give this marriage a couple of years. If Kandi doesn’t speak up, I can see Todd getting tired of the drama and divorcing her. No one wants to deal with crazy a-s in laws.

  7. Give me that purse Mama Joyce you don’t deserve it with your evil a-s. That’s a nice purse that needs to be on my arm.

  8. I really feel bad for Todd. That woman is never going to accept him or stay out of their marriage. And that makes marriage that much harder for the both of them.

  9. Very similar to what I did with my now ex MIL. Sadly for Todd tho, now that he’s married Kandi, this woman will try every antic known to man to tear them apart and destroy their marriage just so she can throw ‘I told you so’ up in Kandi’s face. If Kandi doesn’t smarten up and set mom straight, her marriage and household will be pure hell and she will find herself in divorce court because it’s only so much someone is willing to take, especially if she won’t go to bat for him when mom is wrong. I hope she’s gotten it together.

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