Brandi & Jason Maxiell Respond to Sundy Carter’s Cheating Accusations

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Brandi Maxiell’s husband responds to the cheating rumors? As we reported, Sundy Carter actually got on Twitter and accused her “Basketball Wives LA” costar Brandi Maxiell’s husband Jason of cheating and even allegedly sleeping with some of her friends.

The couple sat down with The Insider recently, and they decided to address the rumors. When asked how he feels about Sundy’s accusations, Jason says:

“It doesn’t bother me at all. It’s something that’s going to be brought up. It’s something that’s going to try to break her down. She’s strong. She’s going to rise above it.”

Brandi adds:

“I vowed for better or worse. No one’s going to mess up this matrimony. I know what I have here.”

Watch Brandi and Jason talk cheating rumors and surviving Brandi’s cancer battle below:

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  1. They should not have agreed to do BBWLA. I just see this show hurting their marriage like TV has done to so many other couples.

  2. So basically she knows he is cheating but doesn’t care. I didn’t realize Brandi had cancer and overcame the battle. After dealing with that I don’t understand why they would agree to do a reality show. I wouldn’t want anymore unnecessary drama. SMH.

  3. I really like Brandi. She seems like a sweetheart and has been through so much. It was sweet of her husband to be so supportive when she went through cancer. I just wish they were not on the show because it’s not a good look for them.

    1. She did. On that episode when Draya was all antsy about catching Orlando cheating, she asked her and Malaysia if their hubbies have cheated and both of them said yes. It freaked Draya out.

  4. I can’t stand Sundy but she wasn’t lying when she tweeted that. Jason cheats and Brandi knows it. She just doesn’t care. That is why he never denied it in this video and she basically said she’s not going nowhere. She’s one of those basketball wives that refuses to let side chicks run her off. Could not be me!

  5. It sounds like he cheats, but she’s decided she’s not going to leave him. To each its own, but I don’t understand why some women feel like cheating is acceptable as long as the man is a rich athlete. STDs don’t discriminate between the rich and the poor.

  6. I respect how they handled her cancer situation, but it does sound like he cheats and she accepts it. That’s not cool.

  7. Unfortunately men cheat, as long as woman disrespect each other men will cheat. I am a married woman 24 years this year. My grandfather cheated he was with my grandmother for over 40 year’s. It’s sad but true give it to God.

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