Mama Joyce Says Todd Tucker Refused to Sign Prenup

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker prenup news? Kandi and Todd may now be husband and wife, but it’s clear their drama with Mama Joyce is far from over. In fact, two days before the wedding, Todd’s mom actually confronted Mama Joyce and even called her a messy b*tch. And although Mama Joyce didn’t ruin their big day by objecting during the ceremony, she’s giving interviews and putting her new son-in-law on blast already.

Mama Joyce tells Too Fab that Todd actually refused to sign the prenup the night before the wedding. She says:

“I got a little pissed at the bridegroom the night before this wedding.He kind of held up on signing the prenup and didn’t come to the rehearsal dinner because he didn’t want to sign it.

“His mom said she didn’t see no reason for him to have to sign because they were in love. He was the one who didn’t have a damn thing, but that’s another story.

“But from what I understand, he did sign.”


  1. I wish this woman would sit her miserable a-s down. Last night she made me shake my head when she kept bashing Kandi’s engagement ring but couldn’t give an answer when the counselor asked her HOW Todd treats Kandi. She’s the worst.

  2. Enough. Kandi is a grown woman. She married Todd because she wanted to. No one held a gun to her head and forced her to walk down that aisle. Mama Joyce needs to let Kandi be grown and make her own choices. Sheesh.

  3. Goodness. They haven’t even been married a full week and she’s already giving interviews again.

  4. This is so tacky. Kandi is a big girl. If Todd has bad intentions, Kandi will handle it. But she’s hurting Kandi more than Todd by doing these interviews.

  5. Every adult deserves to make their own mistakes and learn from them. Mama Joyce expressed her dislike for Todd, cool. But Kandi has a right to listen and still move forward with Todd without her constant bashing. She really doesn’t understand that she’s ruining her relationship with her own daughter more than she’s running Kandi’s relationship with Todd.

  6. Mama Joyce needs to cut it out. All she cares about is Kandi’s money. That is why she couldn’t even answer when she was asked by that counselor person how Todd treats Kandi. She has no idea how he treats her but she knows that the ring isn’t big enough. She lost all credibility to me at that moment.

  7. Now Mama Joyce is being very hypocritical. Is she really going to sweat Todd possibly being after Kandi’s money when her “man” is driving around in the car Kandi bought her all over ATL? Come on now…

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