Newly Married Kandi Burruss Shows off Her Cakes on Instagram, Causes Uproar

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss is a newly married woman seeing as she just tied the knot to Todd Tucker several days ago while filming for her wedding spinoff, but that doesn’t mean Kandi isn’t opposed to still showing her body off on her Instagram account.

The other day, Kandi posted a video to promote the soundtrack to her play “A Mother’s Love” and she caused quite the controversy when she showed off her booty in one of the photos. Check out the video below:

While many of Kandi’s fans gave her props on her figure, some people felt her actions were totally inappropriate for a married woman. And some just thought she looked gross. Some of the angry comments read:

Hmmm a-s shots Kandi? Wowwww

Your daughter tho. I’m disappointed.



Too grown for that Pinkie booty pose. SMH.

This is a bit much

hope her daughter not friends with her on ig cause THAT A*S SHOT was ALITTLE porny!!! THAT SHOULD’VE BEEN FOR HER HUSBAND EYES ONLY…

I really dig you but an A*S shot and u are married that ish not supposed to be posted on IG no SHADE ijs…#confused

I’m married n will never do that thats totally disrespectful to not only her daughter but her husband. Damn kandi ur the only one I had mad respect for idk nie……?????

I thought you were suppose to share your body with you and your significant other only!!!!.. If everyone can see Todd goodies, why will it be special to him?..

yuck wtf




Do you think Kandi was out of line or were some people just overreacting?


  1. Well I wouldn’t do it, but Kandi and Todd have their own rules. If Todd didn’t have a problem with it, then I don’t see why anyone else should. And I honestly think Todd took the picture.

  2. People are just overreacting as usual. Kandi is a grown a-s woman and can post whatever she wants. Kandi has always had a nice shape. So because you thick you can’t post posing in your swimwear? Skinny chicks do this all the time what is the problem.

    1. Good point. If she was skinny and made that same pose no one would have a problem. We as a society tend to be more judgmental of women who have actual curves and booties for some reason.

  3. Again, why is it that when a woman gets married some stupid women feel she no longer owns her body anymore? If Kandi wanted to show her thickness, it’s her right. If you don’t like it, unfollow idiots.

  4. She lacks class. A married woman should not be showing off her body parts to Instagram. Some things should be left private and only for her husband to see. I know she’s new to this, but she needs to get it together.

      1. Aww that’s a good thing though! It means your workout did its job. Your body will get used to it. 🙂

  5. Much ado about nothing. She looks great and she had some clothes on. Maybe it’s not everyone’s speed (some people wouldn’t dare do this) but Kandi is obviously proud of all the weight she lost. So let her be. It only takes a couple of seconds to unfollow someone.

  6. It’s really not that serious. Not every woman is going to be all conservative. Some of us are proud of our bodies and want to show it off. It’s a personal choice. No need to tear Kandi down because she’s doing something you many not feel comfortable enough to do.

  7. Chile goodbye! I bet the people who wrote those comments are all fat and ugly and wish they had an a-s that looked as good as Kandi’s. LMAO!

    1. Kenya is a hater. The funny thing is she is always saying someone is jealous of her but she’s the biggest hater on the show next to NeNe.

  8. It’s HER body!!! She works hard for her figure and there is nothing wrong with showing it off, It looks pretty harmless she’s not all stretched and tooted up, this is a harmless pic. I’m married and once I tighten my belly I plan on taking some beach shots as well, I’m using her pic as my motivation! Sitting on the computer shaming a grown woman for her decision to wear a bikini and enjoy her life is SAD!

  9. She looks good to me, I don’t see what the big deal is. It’s just a bathing suit…I wish I looked that good in one

  10. Kandi you have always been the ost level headed person in the group. People need to stop hating becasie of them that are hating wish they had a body like yours. love you body love your husband

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