Serge Ibaka Loves Himself Some Keri Hilson

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Serge Ibaka and Keri Hilson dating again? NBA star Serge Ibaka and Keri Hilson have a very on and off kind of romance, and months ago it was confirmed that they had once again called it quits after the Christmas Holiday. However, around Valentine’s Day some folks were claiming they saw the twosome out again acting very much like a couple, but now Serge has taken to his Instagram account to confirm the rumors.

He posted the following a few hours ago:

serge ibaka and keri hilson back together


  1. I just hope she doesn’t sacrifice her career just to be with him again. You can have a man and a career at the same time Keri.

      1. Lol *gasping for air*. Be nice King Bey she has suffered enough. I think she has learned her lesson don’t come for Bey or your career is over.

  2. He’s too young for her. That is why they keep breaking up. It’s something that isn’t working with them but they won’t admit it and move on for some reason.

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