Bad News for Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore was dragged across the floor by her tresses thanks to Porsha Williams, but the nasty scene from the RHOA reunion resulted in Kenya pressing charges and a relatively fabulous mugshot by Porsha.

The former Miss USA expected the majority of viewers to side with her since she was the one who was physically attacked, however, social media has overwhelmingly been Team Porsha. In fact, Team Porsha trended on Twitter for hours yesterday.

Even Kenya’s official statement hasn’t helped her cause and RHOA producer Andy Cohen has been the target of lots of backlash too.

As a result of the backlash, Andy has tried unsuccessfully to calm down angry viewers and Porsha supporters on Twitter (read tweets from top to bottom):

andy cohen twitter

andy cohen twitter 2

andy cohen twitter 3




In the end, the backlash Andy was receiving grew so huge that his Facebook and Twitter pages were flooded with nasty comments shaming him for allowing Kenya to use a bullhorn and many were furious that he told Porsha that she needs to apologize to Kenya for getting physical.

Andy eventually folded and confirmed that Kenya will no longer be able to bring props to the reunion show:

andy cohen twitter 4




As for Kenya, she’s been super busy on a press tour to tell her side of the story but it doesn’t appear that she’s winning in the court of public opinion even though the law is certainly on her side. Since she’s not getting the support she thought she would, she’s now telling the media she’s considering not returning for another season.

We fully expect Kenya to return.


  1. Good! Now Kenya will have to actually work on her one liners. Something she has lacked since her first seasons and she concealed with those stupid props.

  2. Andy can miss me with this damage control. He thought the props were cute when he was sitting on that stage though. Now that white women are dragging him all on Twitter and Facebook he wants to put a stop to them. Whatever.

  3. It’s about time! Notice none of the other women before Kenya needed props to handle their opponents at the reunions. Kenya is just as weak as she claims Porsha is. She can’t even handle herself without props!

  4. Sh-t if Porsha was fired from this, all of this makes it worth that dragging she gave Kenya. Those dumb a-s props should have been banned a long time ago.

  5. LMAO what’s Miss Detroit going to do now? She can’t read for sh-t! Even her Twitter comebacks are weak as hell!

  6. Wow. This doesn’t look good for Kenya. It’s basically Bravo’s way of saying they think she has some fault in all of this too.

  7. I told y’all Kenya would be the one to ruin this show. And it’s happening now. Next stop, the ratings drop.

  8. This is feeling a little too reminiscent to the fall of BBW. I remember that the season Evelyn threw that wine bottle, people were so outraged but the ratings were so good. So Shaunie brought Evelyn back another season because she thought Evelyn made the show, and that next season the ratings tanked drastically. Why do I have a feeling this is getting ready to happen to RHOA?

    1. I totally agree. And you can only provoke someone so long..i will not be watching atl housewives EVER AGAIN after this season. Kenya has went too far. and i have watched since season 1

  9. People who have common sense seen Kenya antagonize and provoke Porsha and the host and the producers of the show let it happen. I’m happy people are raising hell because they should Andy is team twirl and needs to be called out. It’s going to be harder to fire Porsha now ha! If they do I feel a boycott and a riot of RHOA coming on.

  10. The moment Kenya pulled that bullhorn out, Andy should have checked her and told her to put it away. He is just as guilty as she is. Bullhorns are not toys. They can damage a person’s hearing ability and there are warning labels on them in the stores. Kenya went too far this time and now she’s getting dragged for it everywhere.

  11. Andy loved Kenya’s stupid props. He was sitting there smirking when she pulled out the bull horn. He’s only doing this because he’s getting dragged.

  12. This is the beginning of the end of Kenya. I have never seen this many people bash her on the internet. And I’m just talking about people who didn’t care for her before. Some of her own fans are turning on her because they know the bullhorn was too much. If she doesn’t apologize or admit her fault in this, she will remain the most hated person on the show. And her opportunities outside of RHOA will be scarce. Image is everything.

  13. Nah UB, Kenya’s next plan is slandering Porsha. Her statement didn’t help her and blaming NeNe/Pahedra didn’t help, so now she’s trying to say Porsha was high and drunk when she attacked her. The white folks are tearing her to shreds for that lie too. LOL.

  14. If Porsha is fired, she needs to sue Bravo and Andy Cohen. They sat back and allowed Kenya to taunt that poor girl for two seasons. Kenya is a miserable bish and she’s going to turn half of the viewers away when it’s all said and done.

  15. Andy should have told Kenya to put the horn away after Porsha warned her not to stick anything else in her face. That was his cue to shut it down immediately and he didn’t. Smh.

  16. THANK YOU!!!! All Team Twirl can go sit their delusional as*ses down somewhere. I even saw some of her idiot fans blaming Nene and Phaedra for this, saying that they instigated Porscha into going after Kenya. Like Porscha needed any encouragement or assistance in hadling that as*! Kenya is a bully, and like most bullies one of her “victims” made her realize that they had reached their tolerance level for her BS. Now per usual, she’s crying victim. Stay losing Kenya, stay losing!

  17. That evil bish ain’t leaving the show. She ain’t trying to go back to making straight to DVD movies with other nobodies. This is the most attention she’s had since winning Miss USA 50 years ago.

  18. Kenya is trying so hard to make people side with her it’s pathetic. We all have eyes and we saw that Kenya has been going in on Porsha since the first day they met. Any opportunity she had to take a jab at Porsha, she took it. And Porsha has merely just been trying to defend herself. Porsha snapped after two seasons of the same mess. It happens. But if she’s fired and Kenya comes back with her shiny faced self, I think I might have to be done. I’m sick of her.

  19. If you don’t believe in violence, you shouldn’t provoke people. The props need to be gone permanently. Once taken away, people will finally see how boring Kenya really is. She’s only interesting when she can be messy. Take that away from her and she’s just another old bird who peeked in the 90s.

  20. Oh please. If Kenya was the one who gave the a-s whooping she wouldn’t be talking about leaving. Sore loser!

  21. Kenya is also likely responsible for the articles about Porsha being drunk and high before the reunion and blaming the altercation on NeNe and Phaedra. Guess her stint on Celebrity Apprentice is over so I expect the pity party articles to increase. Kenya is truly pathetic.

  22. Now I see why NeNe and Phaedra were trying to keep Porsha quiet after the altercation. They didn’t want Porsha to give Kenya anymore ammunition. Based on these “stories” regarding Porsha’s alleged drug and alcohol abuse, it’s clear that Kenya is using Porsha’s outburst (“Im going through so much” “I blacked out…”) to slander her.

  23. Slave to the fame. Slave to the ratings. She was not at a concert or a baseball game. Why did she need a bullhorn with 6 other people on stage in an intimate setting?! They knew exactly what time it was when she had the props. The 1st time she pulled it out, he should have had it taken away from her. Porsha was provoked. When u provoke people, getting ur a-s kicked is what u deserve.

  24. That was a very unnecessary blow…to CANCER VICTIMS….BUT what I want to know is why is JACKIE CHRISTY’S on the show…This DEN MOTHER IS MESSY & causes most of the conflicts….She needs to hang w/ b/ball wifes her age…

  25. For someone who slammed Porsha for not being able to use her words and intellect to handle a beef, why doesn’t Kenya understand she didn’t use her words or intellect at the reunion either by relying on props?

  26. It’s about damn time! Props should have never been allowed in the first place. If you can’t handle the shade, find another show to be on Kenya and Porsha! None of the original RHOA queens had to do any of this!

  27. You should never put your hands on another person. Kenya never touch Porsha. And it was Porsha who jumped up. Ladies, you don’t have to fight, let your words do action.

    1. While you’re right and I’m Team Twirl, I feel like it’s dishonest and unfair to not also admit that Kenya was wrong too. She should not have had that bullhorn and used it in Porsha and Cynthia’s faces. That was wrong and that is why Andy is saying she can’t bring props anymore. And yes, I still love Kenya but I believe it’s time to be real about what happened. Both of them were wrong. To say otherwise is dishonest.

  28. Kenya shouldn’t even need props to get her point across. She’s damn near 50 and acts like a child. The argument between her and Porsha was so juvenile that I cringed. Both of them should be fired.

  29. #TeamKandi. I don’t get the Porsha sympathizers. Why are people saying “poor Porsha.” No one forced her to get up out of her seat and physically assault a castmate. She set a housewives precedent and it’s not a good look. I feel like Porsha suffers from Peter Pan syndrome, and she is as dumb as they come. And Kenya…well Kenya is just a mess.

  30. Andy needs to step down. He can’t handle any of those women. He lets NeNe’s big a-s and Kenya’s looney a-s run all over him. It’s pathetic. The network needs someone who can put their foot down. Andy is not that person.

    And for the record, I’m Team No One. But I can tell you if any b-tch puts a bullhorn in my face, I will do more than drag her. Kenya is lucky she didn’t get punched in the face a few times too. Crazy old heaux.

  31. If Kenya really had wits, class and intelligence like she claims, she wouldn’t have needed the props. She seriously needs to work on her reads if she’s going to stay on the show. She’s bland and boring without the props.

  32. Andy knew that was coming. Alowing Kenya to bring those props was the worse thing they could do. If Porsha is fired we all should protest and stop watching the show. Kenya Moore is a lying whore, who gives black women a bad name. I’m glad Porsha got the best of her. And if she could’ve beat up Porsha she would have. Kenya is all mouth…Fire KENYA MOORE!!!

  33. Andy is an idiot for apologizing to Kenya! Both Andy and Kenya knew that those juvenile props would push anyone beyond the boiling point. Kenya is a conniving sociopath who is incapable of telling the truth in any situation. Bravo needs to get that heifer psychological help instead if exploiting her mental instability. Unlike Cynthia, who just sat there like a bump on a log and let Kenya blast her ear drums off – Prosha simply put a stop to the madness, which is what the host should have done before it escalated to violence. Shame on Andy!

  34. I said the minute it happened that Bravo and Andy Cohen were responsible for all of it. They thought when it was happening it was good TV and they should take responsibility for all of it.THEY promoted bullying and didn’t say a word and now people are upset.No bueno Andy and BRAVO. I don’t promote violence but when a person has enough, they have had enough. I would apologize for putting my hands on someone with the addendum that it it happened again and circumstances were the same, I would do the same thing. I have lost respect for Andy Cohen.

  35. As the baby of 4 older brothers I can honestly say they were only antagonizing because they wanted a reaction. As I got older I played along. Porsha is not that smart, you never let anyone take control over you like that. Porsha is 31 years old and had to be carried off like a child. Kenya got up like a gangster, fixed her hair and kept pushing. Both ladies were wrong and should take responsibility #Ihavenosympathy.

  36. There’s nothing “gangster” about running your mouth about being able to stomp out other women and then getting dragged on national television like a rag doll, then calling the police like you weren’t just talking sh-t right before. Lol. And for people to think Porsha is so dumb, she actually played the hell out of Kenya. Her kicking, screaming and crying is why she has 99% favor in the court of public opinion and the majority of people are calling Kenya the bully. I’m surprised no one caught that. Porsha’s little act is why Kenya can’t bring any more props and why she’s been getting shamed on social media since Sunday. Oh and Porsha went from fired to possibly coming back next season. But she’s dumb tho and Kenya is the smart one? Lol. Right.

  37. Come on Andy has part to blame for allowing Kenya bring her props and verbally belittling and insulting Porsha, while Andy just laughed. Andy was totally wrong to tell Porsha to apologize to Kenya. My words would have been for both. Both need to apologize. Porsha snapped and realize what she did was wrong. Kenya was
    Like your fire get me a phone to call police because someone pulled my hair. Acting like
    Her. She then act like a true victim who did nothing or said anything to provoke her . Cynthia being a friend should of told her to put it away. Cynthia not a fighter she a taker her sister fight her battles. Or her husband. Andy handle this the very wrong way. He should have
    Never dismiss Porsha from the show. She should allow her to return and give her statement. If porsha is not on the
    Reunion neither should Kenya

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