Shaunie O’Neal Slams Sundy Carter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sundy Carter has proven on several occasions that when she gets mad, she will go for the jugular no matter who she’s beefing with, and not even her own daughter was able to escape her wrath.

But now the reality star may have crossed the line with her co-star Brandi Maxiell considering Sundy took jabs at Brandi’s difficulty in conceiving as a result of battling Ovarian Cancer.

The comments hurt and infuriated Brandi, but the show’s executive producer Shaunie O’Neal isn’t feeling Sundy’s comments either.

She took to Instagram and posted the following a few hours ago after folks started demanding that Sundy be fired from the show:

shaunie o'neal blasts sundy carter



Sundy says she has since apologized to Brandi for the hurtful comments.


  1. Why are people acting like they are so surprised Sundy said what she did? Any woman who will get on Twitter and post a picture of her teenage daughter giving head just because they are on bad terms is a woman who will sink to the lowest levels to hurt someone.

  2. Sundy is the more ratchet version of Kenya Moore. They go for the jugular anytime they are in an argument. And then when they get mollywhopped, they don’t understand why it happened. It’s the weirdest thing.

    1. Well to be fair, Sundy will actually fight her attacker back. She had enough courage to actually square up with Draya after she talked all that ish. Kenya opted to be slammed to the floor and dragged like a rag doll. I guess that’s the new thing they do in Detroit.

      1. Ha. Well let Kenya’s fans tell it (and Kenya too), she didn’t fight back on purpose. She wanted to spare Porsha an a-s whooping. LOL!

  3. This had to be the most boring season of BBWLA ever. After Sundy got her a-s whooped by Draya, it became dull quickly.

  4. Sundy is such a vile human being. And when did she apologize? Because it looks like from the reunion previews she’s still talking mess to Brandi about her not being able to get pregnant. She’s only saying that now because she knows people want her gone.

  5. I don’t know what dream sequence she was in when she gave that apology, but judging from the reunion clip, Brandi wasn’t there when it happened.

  6. I really don’t like Sundy. She really didn’t have to say that to Brandi. Yes, Brandi called her a hoe but the cancer digs are really despicable. I agree with Yeah I Said It, she reminds me a lot of Kenya Moore. Both will say any and everything to hurt people during an argument. And both are mental cases in my opinion.

  7. Oh Shaunie please. As long as the ratings are decent, I’m sure you aren’t losing any sleep over this. You and Mona are a trip when y’all try to pretend you care about the people y’all pimp out. Sit.

  8. Shaunie can take this damage control and shove it. Now I am not saying Sundy isn’t wrong because she is but where was this speech when Evelyn was threatening and saying any and everything to women in past seasons. It might not be as worse as Sundy’s comments but her behavior has been just as bad where it should have been addressed.

  9. The only reason I hope this isn’t ONLY “damage control” is because this is a person’s health we’re talking about. And countless other people are effected by this on a daily basis. Reality tv is cruel and they sell morals and self-respect for fame and ratings, but it’s never been at the expense of something so sensitive. At least not in my opinion, which may not be worth much in this case since I’m in and out on the reality tv shows. Brandi made a very valid point. Sundy has control over being a hoe….Whereas Brandi’s bout with cancer was totally out of her control. I really hope she does not return. I hope the show doesn’t return, hell.

  10. Why is Shaunie saying something now? As the executive producer doesn’t she know what goes on with her production? I am not buying it. Shaunie is just as ratchet for letting it go forward or not firing Sunday on the spot!

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