Shaunie O’Neal Puts BBWLA Fans in Check

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Sundy Carter caused a huge fuss on social media for making fun of Brandi Maxiell’s infertility issues which were caused by Ovarian Cancer, but it appears that Shaunie’s public message just wasn’t enough for some BBWL fans.

In fact, not too long after she posted the public announcement regarding the horrible scene in the episode to Instagram, many viewers flooded to her Instagram page to slam her for not editing out the hurtful comments made by Sundy.

But that only angered Shaunie. She posted the following before deleting it:

shaunie o'neal goes off on bbwla fans


  1. I’m not even sure why she responded the way she did. She really could have been more professional and she shouldn’t dare people to stop watching because she could get her wish. But I guess expecting Shaunie to be professional was naive anyway. BBWLA is on the decline.

  2. Shaunie is always in her feelings when her shows get criticized. She needs to learn to be more gracious and professional.

  3. Is Shaunie really trying to clown when this show is on it’s last leg. She is just lashing out because BBW has went down Shaq won’t let her pimp out their kids for reality tv. She sure didn’t mind taking criticisms when BBW was doing good. Shaunie go somewhere with this mess.

  4. I just expected more from you Shaunie. You’re right, I should stop watching the show and I will. Especially, since you tried to insult your viewers.

  5. And I had respect for this woman. When they have physical altercations that is reality but it is edited out it is the same thing. That comment wasn’t just hurtful to Brandi but to all cancer patients and the families that lost them. For Shaunie to make a statement like this is just as disrespectful she is shallow and is exploiting these women good and bad. Shame on You Shaunie for being so inconsiderate. Sundy shouldn’t have even been allowed at the reunion.

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