Kenya Moore Furious over ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Firing

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore fired from Celebrity Apprentice? Kenya Moore is competing in the upcoming season of “Celebrity Apprentice” and the RHOA star was hoping she would end up being the last celebrity standing in the boardroom with Donald Trump, but now it’s being reported that she was fired and she is furious about it.

In fact, sources are claiming Kenya is going around telling folks she thinks she was cheated and should have won.

Naughty But Nice Rob writes:

And the final FOUR are:
Brandi Glanville
Vivica Fox
Leeza Gibbons
Ian Ziering

“The sore looser is Kenya Moore. She is telling everyone she got fired unfairly and everyone else cheated. Kate Gosselin is also NOT happy that she got hired and didn’t make it to the last two,” one insider tells NAUGHTY BUT NICE ROB




According to several reports, Kenya was fired a couple of days ago. But we’re not sure Kenya should be upset since she was a project manager on several occasions and did a great job according to multiple sources.

However, none of this has been confirmed and it’s possible Kenya is still very much in the running.


    1. That’s why I find her unlikeable. How is she always the victim when she starts all the mess on the show? Girl stop.

  1. I kind of figured she wouldn’t win. When faced with people more calculating than her, she gets sent right on home.

  2. Typical Kenya always acting like the victim and acting like she was done wrong. Girl bye it is never on her always somebody else’s fault.

  3. Of course she thinks she was cheated. She’s also delusional enough to think anyone who doesn’t like her is jealous of her. She’s gross.

  4. I bet she didn’t get along with any of the other black women there. Kenya hates her own kind and likes to pretend every other black woman is jealous of her.


  6. So was she as nasty as she is on RHOA on Celebrity Apprentice? I hate that Kenya is selling her soul for 15 minutes of fame. Smh.

  7. She really needs to stop with this victim mentality of hers. That is why most people aren’t siding with her now about the dragging she got from Porsha. We know all too well that she’s very messy but likes to forget that when it’s convenient. Grow up Kenya. You’re too old for this.

  8. I really think Kenya does the things that she does to be entertaining but unfortunately her staged behavior has real consequences and real karma. I think she should leave the show and use her new popularity to get back into acting. This show is ruining her brand.

  9. Cannot believe crazy psycho Glanville has made it this far. Must be the drugs or who she is sleeping with.

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