Watch: Mama Joyce and Todd Tucker’s Mom Almost Come to Blows

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you weeks ago that it was being rumored that Mama Joyce and Todd Tucker’s mom got into a couple of days before the wedding and Mama Joyce was even called a “messy b*tch.” It appears the gossip may have just been confirmed.

Bravo just released the trailer for Kandi Burruss’ wedding spinoff, and both mothers get in such a heated argument that Todd’s mom has to let Mama Joyce know:

“You got the wrong one now, b*tch!”

Things even get messy between Kandi and Todd as they can’t seem to agree on the terms of the prenup, and Kandi also reaches a breaking point with her good friend Carmon.

It appears “Kandi’s Wedding” will have lots of drama and appearances by other RHOA stars that will make it worth a watch. It premieres on June 1.

Check out the explosive preview below:


  1. So this is why Mama Joyce was so extra and drunk at the reunion. She wants people to watch Kandi’s show.

  2. Mama Joyce is too old to still be trying to fight people. But I’m glad Todd’s mom is putting her in her place. She has to let Kandi and Todd make their own choices. They’ve earned that.

  3. Todd shoulda let his moms loose on that old hag. Mama Joyce has a chemical imbalance and on top of that, she’s a drunk so…..

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