Eva Marcille & Kevin McCall Split?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The last time we heard about Eva Marcille and Kevin McCall, Eva had filed a restraining order against Kevin but she quickly changed her mind and posted happy photos of them to Instagram like they were back on good terms.

In the paper work filed, Eva claimed Kevin had gotten violent and kicked down doors during an argument and even threatened to punch her.

Though they appeared to be working through their issues weeks ago, it now appears they may have called it quits.

The other day, Kevin posted to Instagram a photo of a piece of paper with a woman’s name and number. He claimed the woman was a waitress and he appreciated how forward she was in her attempt to hook up. Although he quickly deleted the photo after people starting asking him about where he stands with Eva, a quick look at Eva’s Instagram account shows that she’s been posting quotes that sound like she’s going through a tough breakup:

eva instagram

eva instagram 2


  1. Well then good. It seems like they had a toxic relationship anyway. It’s best for both of them to move on.

  2. Who didn’t see this coming? They were obviously having problems if they were arguing so bad he was tearing up things. That’s not a good relationship when you get so mad at the person that you want to hurt them. Toxic indeed!

  3. Not surprised they didn’t last. I’m glad they stop fronting and owned up that they are having relationship problems.

  4. I felt like they just moved too fast. She ended her engagement with Lance Gross and then she was with this guy not too long after. Then the baby came. It was too fast.

  5. I always felt like Lance was her match. They seemed so happy and he seems like a good guy. But he’s engaged now and that’s pretty much the end of that I guess. Oh well. Eva is beautiful and should just take some time to be single for awhile.

  6. You can only front on Instagram for so long before you have to be real with yourself and admit your relationship is f-cked up. Hopefully they will keep it cordial for the baby.

  7. If he has anger issues, I’m glad she’s moved on. No need in putting herself and their child at harm just to say she has a man.

  8. Instagram fronting ain’t worth it… She posted a photo of baby formula that she had just purchased and captioned it ” somebody gotta do it” and I knew all weren’t roses with these two. He comes across as sneaky in so many ways.. I could be wrong. A baby can make or break a relationship and in this case… Oh well..

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