Eva Marcille Addresses Weight Loss Amid Concern from Fans

Eva Marcielle RHOA
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Eva Marcille’s split from Michael Sterling shocked RHOA fans.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum Eva Marcille moved on to a starring role on the BET+ series, “All the Queen’s Men.” Interestingly, her biggest life change since departing RHOA is her split from Michael Sterling. Sometime after their divorce, fans started to pay closer attention to the photos Eva was posting of herself on social media. And some of her followers began to question why she lost weight. Some of their theories have been concerning, so Eva began closing her Instagram comment section to eliminate the discourse. But she addressed it all during a recent appearance on the “Tamron Hall Show.”

Tamron said, “I saw the post over the summer when you were on the red carpet. You did an event, and you posted a picture, and everyone, not everyone, people started to go onto your social media and comment on your weight, on your slim figure. You disabled your comments.”

After Eva confirmed she disabled the comments, Tamron continued, “Which I think is healthy and it made me think about your Wednesday meditations and your mindfulness because you always talk about keeping negativity out, keeping those comments out. You clearly saw those comments.”

Depression caused Eva Marcille to lose weight.

Eva responded, “I came here to be transparent and honest. I went through a divorce last year. Anyone that’s ever been through a divorce knows that divorce is hard. It’s like a stomach flu. You will be skinny afterward. You drop a 200-pound person, you’re gonna drop at least 30 pounds.”

She confirmed depression caused weight loss, “So for me, I lost weight naturally through life and I found myself depressed. Before my divorce, through my divorce, trying to just navigate and rediscover who am I. I’m not the wife anymore. Not someone’s someone, I’m someone’s mom but if I took the mom away, if I took madam away, if I took ‘Top Model’ away, who’s Eva? Who am I? And making sure that I prioritize knowing that character and building that character.”



  1. I thought it was depression because it really does make you lose a lot of weight and divorce causes a lot of cases of depression. I’m wishing her the best.

  2. I love Eva always have since Top Model, she lives in her true unapologetically. People hate on people who give zero f@#ks about your thoughts on them. She is confident and knows her worth.

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