Mariah Carey Announces Details of New Album

Photo Credit: Wonderland Magazine/Instagram
Photo Credit: Wonderland Magazine/Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

It was being rumored that music legend Mariah Carey was considering pulling a Beyonce and dropping a new album in a surprising fashion, but Mariah cleared up the rumors and told Billboard that she was planning to announce the details of her album very soon.

And that’s exactly what Mariah did on her Facebook page.

Mariah’s new album is entitled “Me. I Am Mariah.” Check out the official album artwork below:

mariah carey new album artwork 2

mariah carey new album cover

The album drops on May 27 and you can preorder it on iTunes here. Listen to Mariah explain her new album below:


  1. I’ll check it out. Mariah has some classics, so she’s definitely someone I feel is worth a listen.

  2. Eh, we’ll see. Mimi may come with some bangers. But nothing will ever top Emancipation of Mimi tho.

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