NeNe Leakes Talks Kenya Moore’s Low Salary & Negative Season

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes didn’t act like she wanted to be at the reunion for season six of RHOA, and she finally breaks her silence about why she seemed so over it to Atlanta radio station V-103.

She says:

“There is a part of me that is tired. There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to sit on a panel and belittle each other all day long. I mean that’s very draining. We shoot this show for over eight months. And I feel like at the end of the day, all of us women have accomplished something to even be on this show. So to just sit there and be so negative towards each other is…I have to say that a part of it wears me out.”

NeNe was asked about her comments made about Kenya’s salary during the reunion and she had no qualms once again stating that Kenya is the lowest paid housewife:

“I feel like Kenya is the lowest paid of these housewives. And of all of us sitting here, you are acting the biggest fool and you are the lowest paid.

“I mean what are you doing, lady? You are the lowest paid. Please stop doing this kind of stuff. You make it difficult for me or the next girl who wants to be on reality TV to negotiate a contract.”

NeNe says she thinks all of the ladies will be asked to return for season seven, but if she had to guess who would be fired if that doesn’t happen, she thinks Porsha and Cynthia will be the ones to get the boot.

She also says that she hung out with Cynthia and Peter numerous times after the Mexico situation, so she still thinks Cynthia is only mad now for storyline purposes.


  1. I really think NeNe is over the show at this point because now it’s all negative all the time. It’s turning people off too. But I don’t want her to leave yet. Her one liners crack me up. So nasty and so rude! LOL.

    1. She’s over it but I don’t think she’s willing to walk away from that pay check just yet. She makes good money for this show and she’s the highest paid. I doubt she’s going anywhere.

  2. I agree with NeNe. I kind of miss the days when the show had it’s funny and light moments. Now it’s drama all the time. Watching it is draining so I can only imagine how it makes them feel at times. Oh well. Bravo thinks they have the winning formula because ratings are high but I think this show will crash and burn soon.

    1. Ugh I wish they would get rid of Kenya and replace her with Sheree. Sheree has better reads than Kenya’s struggle lines.

  3. I believe NeNe. There’s a reason why Kenya has been so over the top this season and I think it’s because she isn’t happy with what she’s getting paid and she thinks stirring the pot with everyone will get her a raise. I hope it’s worth it because she has really ran her image into the ground by her terrible behavior on RHOA. I’ve lost a lot of respect for her.

  4. NeNe needs to really stop giving Cynthia any attention. Kenya too. Let them find someone else to use for a storyline.

  5. Nene has every right to change. She shouldn’t have to act like a fool anymore when she’s already the most successful housewife out the franchise. I don’t want her to lower herself to Kenya’s level. That would only make it hard for her to have opportunities outside of the show.

  6. Please Nene has become rude, ugly, JEALOUS, mean and plain old nasty! Talking about Kenya acting a fool when she’s the one who’s the acting a fool for 6 seasons.
    Have several seats ghetto moose!

    1. The irony in you calling NeNe rude, ugly, mean and plain old nasty when you’re calling her an animal. If you are a black woman calling another woman an animal name when the woman who coined that term for NeNe is a racist, you have really failed at life. Pick up a history book and you’ll never be ok with calling a black woman an animal again. #ignorance

    2. LOL yeah but Kenya has outdone NeNe’s nastiness in two seasons. While it’s good TV, she’s the one that is losing the most because she was actually someone people respected before the show. Now people can’t stand her and she’s coming off like a trashy reality villain. I don’t think it was worth it.

  7. I respect her for speaking what she feels. She may not always be right, but she’s still my favorite housewife. She could be weak like people want her to be and start allowing these ignorant comments made by other black women regarding her looks get to her, but she’s too strong of a person for that. Kenya Moore should be ashamed of herself for encouraging her fans to call another black woman an animal. I lost any respect I had for Kenya when she called NeNe a moose on TV. No black woman who has love for her people would ever do such a thing. But then again, Kenya is the same woman who wanted a white baby and a child with green eyes/white features.

    1. Now hold on. I’m Team Twirl and I never call NeNe a moose. I think it’s too far and the fact that Kim came up with it makes me even more against using it. I really think Kim is racist. But not all of us are that ignorant and immature to use those kind of words to describe what another black woman looks like. And I wish Kenya wouldn’t say it because she’s wittier and can come up with something better. But I do think NeNe should start owning up to all the mess that she starts. She’s not innocent.

  8. I think Nene stirs crap up she keeps this going. Keep your mouth shut Nene and quit posting about Kenya makes you appear JEALOUS. If you are so sick of things then quit.

  9. I really don’t believe NeNe is jealous of Kenya. I think it’s the other way around. Hopefully the next season will bring us more than the usual drama. I actually enjoy those moments when all the women are able to coexist in close proximity and have a good time.

  10. I do not know what show people are watching but NeNe Porsha and Phadera had some really nasty things to say about Kenya and it’s okay..
    Porsha stood up and got in Kenya’s space then attacked her after talking overher every time she spoke including Phadera doing the same thing.
    But because Kenya is hated by these ladies she is being accused of what Porsha actually instigated with her words and lost the battle to Kenya’s words

    1. LOL please kill this “fought with her words” lie. Kenya doesn’t have any words to fight with, so she resorted to using a bullhorn. Calling someone a dumb hoe is not wit, it’s high school. And she lost the war, hence her not ever being allowed to bring props again. Oh and Porsha will probably keep her job too because Kenya got the majority of the backlash. It’s hilarious to see Kenya try to set up who she deemed the dumbest and weakest person on the show and end up getting played herself. I bet she just helped her enemy stick around for another season. I call that karma.

  11. I think Nene is a bully n Kenya is the only person who will stand up to her. Nene is always trying to intimidate people. If you watch the reunion she lied several times and when she got caught n her lies she would state some ratchet comment, ” girl bye”. I do think Nene needs a reality check, bcuz she may b the richest paid housewife, but she is not the richest. She is always throwing shade n she does not want anyone to succeed but herself, selfish. With all that being sad she does bring the ratings to the show. But as the saying go all good things come to an end. She needs to humble herself n watch out for Margo

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