Floyd Mayweather Wants Nelly to Stop Using His Name for Relevancy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If you’ve been keeping up with all the drama that has been going down between Floyd Mayweather and Nelly, then you know things are ugly between them since Nelly was photographed kicking it with Shantel Jackson at a Miami Heat/Charlotte Bobcats game.

Nelly has been taking shots at Floyd on Instagram and he even dropped a new track the other day about it too.

Oh and rapper 50 Cent has been posting silly videos about the “love triangle” as well.

Floyd is not amused. So he tells Fight Hype that he wants irrelevant rappers to stop trying to use him for relevancy.

While taking a picture with Rick Ross and 2 Chainz, Floyd says:

“We gon’ shoot rappers that’s relevant. A lot of them try to stay alive on my name. A lot of them try to stay alive on my name but I’m relevant. 18 years. 17 years, World Champion.

“I’m relevant.”

Check out the shade fest below:


  1. Nelly is probably just happy anyone is writing about him on the blogs. He hasn’t had a hit in decades. LOL.

    1. And he won’t ever again if he doesn’t stop trying to interject himself in drama instead of going to the studio to make decent music.

    2. Now that he can’t use Tae and the whole Ashanti thing for attention, he jumped on the Shantel train. He’s desperate. But Floyd needs to sit down the hell down too. All of them are too old for this here.

  2. As annoying as he’s been in all of this, that’s exactly what Nelly, Shantel and 50 are doing. They are trying to gain exposure from Floyd’s fame. If he really wanted to cut them off, he should stop giving the situation any more of his attention.

  3. But homie did an hour-long interview that incorporated Nelly AND Ashanti tho. These people are comical. He may not drink, but he has one hell of a control issue. Might I add that he’s coming off as a scorned lover as well. I’d rather him take a shot or two and turn up for a little bit, ’cause this here is ridic. Somebody pass this man the Patron.

  4. He’s still salty? No offense but he can find a new Shantel in a week tops. There was nothing special about her. Gold diggers are plentiful.

  5. Floyd is worried about the wrong things. I guess he has time to be pressed over a gold digger since all his fights are rigged.

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