More Details Revealed About Kenya Moore’s Alleged Married Boyfriend

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you several days ago that whispers were suggesting that Kenya Moore’s African Prince is actually a very married man, and someone even spotted Kenya and her reportedly married beau together on the campus of Harvard University.

Tonye Cole is very married with three kids but more details about his alleged relationship to Kenya are coming out.

Apparently Kenya has been allegedly dating this married man since last year.

LA LATE reports:

In 2013, Kenya Moore told news that her “African Prince” is not a prince but an oil tycoon. Tonye Cole is not royalty but is in the oil business, LALATE can report. His bio reads that as “The Managing Director of Sahara Energy Resource Limited which he co-founded in 1996 with his friends Tope Shonubi and Ade Odunsi. Sahara Energy started out as an oil and gas company whose core business at the time was the trading of excess fuel oil from the Port Harcourt and Warri refineries.”

Second, Moore in 2013 shared pictures of her visiting her African Prince in Dubai. Cole’s business has offices in Dubai along with Ghana, LALATE can further report. Cole’s offices are also in Ivory Coast, Senegal, Cameroon, France, Singapore, and Brazil.

Third, in 2014, Moore suggested to viewers that her boyfriend lives in Lagos, after posting a picture of airline ticket to the Nigerian town. Cole is from Lagos, where he graduated from college. And he maintains operations in Lagos as well. “Within five years of operations, Sahara Energy had diversified into storage depot and vessel ownership, building depots in Lagos, Onne and Abuja with a combined capacity of 55,000 metric tonnes and a fleet of five vessels moving products across West Africa”, reads his biography.


  1. In other words Kenya Moore Whore can’t say sh*t to any of her cast mates since she’s been spreading her knees for a married man for a year now. “Yet this trick always wants to stand in judgment of everybody else. Bi*ch is twanging my last nerve.

  2. Just to add, his wife was on campus the same day he was creeping around with Kenya. He prefers to take pictures with his wife and keeps Kenya hidden like a true jump off.

    1. I’ve been noticing the tea you’ve been dropping lately. I got my on you……

  3. You have to be a very despicable woman to knowingly sleep with a married man. And on top of that Kenya is out here trying to front like she is better than all the other women on the show. Girl please. You’re not fabulous. Fabulous women don’t sleep with married men.

  4. As pretty as Kenya is, she’s basic as fck. You mean to tell me she can’t go out here and get her own man? I’m losing respect for her. Not only did she get dragged verbally and physically at the reunion, but she’s ok with being some rich man’s side chick. Embarrassing!

  5. Lol this ain’t the first married man she’s dated and it won’t be the last. Kenya always talks about women hating on her but she’s the biggest woman hater there is. She hates other women. That is why she has no female friends and doesn’t mind screwing husbands. I blame her mom issues on her hate for other women.

    1. And this is precisely why Kenya has no respect for the institution of marriage nor the convictions of being a wife.

  6. I put two and two together when she bragged about never taking any pictures with the men she has dated. That is the behavior of a professional mistress. They know to always stay hidden.

  7. Now as much as Kenya loves to talk about people getting their karma, does she not think she will get some too sleeping with a married man? Chile…

  8. So when Kenya gets a moment from sucking this married man, can she finally write that $20,000 check?

  9. Kenya can’t be anything more than a side chick. She’s beautiful but her personality is ugly. She’s definitely not marriage material. I’m surprised she’s never been an escort. I mean who would marry someone like Kenya? She’s someone you have fun with when your wife isn’t around or too busy with the kids. I think this works for her.

  10. If this is true, is it possible that he comes from a culture that allows him to have more than one wife? Not a Kenya fan at all, but without knowing the full story it may be too early to attack her character in this instance.

    1. This right here is what bothers me. I think too many of us are ignorant when it comes to this topic. Not all Nigerians practice polygamy. A good percentage of them are actually Christians and believe in monogamy. In fact, an actress there was accused of having an affair with Kenya’s married boyfriend and she did an interview and said she wanted to make it clear that she is not dating Tonye and she has nothing but respect for his wife and his marriage. So no, he is not a polygamist. He’s having a straight up affair and Kenya is wrong. For her to make so much fun of Phaedra and everyone else’s marriage, being a side chick to a married man isn’t fabulous whether he’s a polygamist or not. When did sharing a man become cool?

      And he is not public with Kenya. He will only take pictures with his wife and he creeps around with Kenya when he thinks no one will see them. Does that sound like a well known polygamist to you? That is why she does not even see him often. He’s a very married man to one woman.

      It’s amazing how people try so hard to defend Kenya’s bad choices, but NeNe, Phaedra, Kandi and Cynthia are trashed all the time for theirs.

      1. Don’t let it bother you. While I don’t know everything there is to know about the topic, I do know that some cultures practice polygamy and I think it wise for us to know the facts about a person’s marital situation before we begin judging. This is not to say that Kenya is right or wrong, just that we don’t know yet. With my own eyes I saw her flirting with a married man and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that she’s dated married men in the past, but I’m not willing to go in on someone without knowing the whole story first. Especially when we we are speculating about a wealthy African whose wife was present at the same event that Kenya was and knowing that some cultures practice varying degrees of polygamy– Christian or not (the latter part I know for a fact, but that’s another story). Heck, I know enough 9-5 working Christian Americans with open marriages to be surprised by wives who take photos in public, but will be perfectly fine with girlfriends tagging along. May or may not be the case, but was just sharing my thoughts since I don’t feel qualified to judge without knowing full detail.

        1. What are you waiting on, Kenya admitting she’s sleeping with a married man like the pictures aren’t out there and she didn’t foolishly already confirm she’s with him by her own words? That will never happen.

          But you have a good weekend. Had this been any other person on the show it would be all over the media by now. I’m out.

          1. In truth, I’m not waiting on anything as it’s really not that serious one way or the other. You have a great weekend, too (no snark intended, I really hope you do have a good one).

  11. I like Kenya but I will not give her a pass on this here. She can do so much better in her life and career than what she is doing. I hate to say it but I can see why people don’t like her. She comes off as a very self absorbed and vindictive person. I hate the way she’s been acting on the show this season.

  12. Kenya’s downfall on the show is coming. Right now it’s Nene’s turn. But everything happens in cycles.

  13. Well I always kind of thought she messed around with married men because it’s rare that a woman in the business can date men and remain single and not be photographed with any of them. That is usually the case when someone is married and we know that someone is not Kenya. She’s a beautiful woman but she has issues and her past isn’t hard to find out either. This is not the first time Kenya has been linked to a married man. I don’t even think she wants to get married and have kids. She wants a man with money and power to spoil her while the wife gets him most of the time. She’s ok with that and she’s not alone. There are plenty of Kenya Moores in the world and you can spot them out because they love to defend her actions. Me personally, I think I’m better than being someone’s mistress or side chick. But some women like Kenya do not care. They actually prefer it.

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