Yandy Smith Goes Off

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mendeecees cheating on Yandy? Yandy Smith is still enjoying the fact that her son’s father and her fiancé Mendeecees Harris is out of prison for now, but now that’s he out, she’s understanding now more than ever that there is plenty of thirst on Instagram.

Apparently Yandy has decided that in order to keep tabs on her man and peep who is interested in him on Instagram, she needs to check his DMs daily.

In fact, the reality star actually put a couple of women on blast for trying to seemingly offer up the goods to her man:

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  1. So in other words she’s insecure about her relationship and she knows he has the tendency to cheat so much that she has to check his DMS now. Oh, ok.

  2. There’s no trust if you have to check your SO’s social media accounts. And they’re supposed to be getting married. This is not a good sign of what’s to come.

    1. Agreed. I would laugh but it’s just too sad to laugh at. Yandy is a successful business woman, but her man is a jailbird and probably has cheated on her so much that she feels like she has to watch his DM box like a hawk. There are so many fails here.

  3. But ain’t he still sleeping with one of his other baby mamas? Yandy may need to worry about her more than the THOTs on Instagram.

  4. This is what happens when successful women settle with men who aren’t even on their level. They stoop down so much they forget their worth. You shouldn’t have to check your man’s DMs to know it’s real.

  5. You shouldn’t marry someone you don’t trust. This behavior makes me think Yandy has caught Mendeecees cheating before, so she’s trying to be proactive about it now.

  6. Umm Yandy these women don’t owe you any loyalty. Mendeecees is who needs to be loyal. And if you’re on IG policing his account, I’m assuming he’s not. Get it together.

  7. Ha that’s right Yandy b-tches ain’t sh-t. Being insecure don’t have s..t to do with it . B-tches just fowl and they don’t care. Yandy needs to put they a-ses on blast. My man and I do the same thing put they trifling a-s on blast. Trust is when u can have each others passcodes and able to answer each others phones. But some women will never no about that. Men steady cheating and they steady crying, why he cheating and he won’t befriend me on Facebook. Being insecure yeah right she just dating a loyal man who isn’t hiding anything from her. That’s what grown folks do.

  8. Insecure, just like most women who date men who cheat. Please believe if he wants to cheat, he will. He just won’t do it on Instagram now. LOL.

  9. This makes me think of one of my girlfriends. She used to brag about having her man’s Facebook, Twitter and IG passwords. She thought that meant he was faithful and that he had nothing to hide. She even got on me for not checking behind my husband daily, but in the end she looked stupid because she caught him cheating anyway. If someone wants to cheat they will. Having someone’s passwords means nothing. Me and my hubby have a list of all of our passwords….social media, banking, all of that for emergencies. I still do not check his account and he does not check mine. I am too old for all of that. This is what you do in high school. Either I can trust you or I can’t. Yandy has some growing up to do. And what is blasting women on IG really going to do? Someone will still try to holler at him. He has to be strong enough to do the right thing on his own. I’m starting to think the rumors about him cheating are true and this is why Yandy is doing this.

    1. Girl I’m starting to think we all know at least one woman like your friend. They swear up and down they have their man on lock because they have all their passwords and check their man’s phone. Then they end up looking like an idiot because they find out either he had another phone they knew nothing about, accounts they knew nothing about, or he was sleeping with someone at his job the whole time. People who want to cheat will always find a way to cheat.

    2. When you constantly checking up on a man that doesn’t mean he is going to stop cheating he will just get more creative with his cheating. Is it too much to ask for your man to check these females instead of having his woman do it. I don’t want to always check these females. Just like my man won’t have to check guys I will take care of that.

  10. So what the f-ck is this supposed to mean Yandy. Don’t you know he will find new ways to smash new chicks. Damn I swear some women are dumb as hell. They act like having some damn password means something. If a man wants to cheat he will find a damn way to do it. Trust and believe.

  11. Yandy is the type of chick who will fist fight over a man even though he is the one who cheated. Girl gone.

  12. This is so immature to me. I expected more from Yandy. Maybe I shouldn’t though. She’s been very disappointing lately.

  13. To each its own but I’m not going to be on IG checking females. If my man is a good dude, he will do all that by himself. I shouldn’t have to do and say a damn thing.

  14. I just feel like if you have a good relationship, you don’t have to do all this. Maybe it’s just me but I think this is childish.

  15. Why Yandy? You can’t force him to be faithful if that’s not what he wants to do. He can just go create another account and message all those chicks you putting on blast without you even knowing it. It happens all the time.

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