Waka Flocka Gets Caught Cheating on Fiancee Again?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Waka Flocka cheating on Tammy Rivera still? Waka Flocka made it clear on the current season of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” that he now wants to do right by his fiancée Tammy Rivera but it appears T.I. isn’t the only one getting called out by groupies on social media.

Apparently Waka is being accused of cheating on Tammy pretty recently.

There is an Instagram account now dedicated solely to exposing him too.

Check out the screenshots:

waka flocka on blast waka flocka on blast 2

waka flocka on blast

wacka on blast 2


  1. I knew someone was going to call him out soon when I heard they would be on the show. But whatever. I’m still confused as to why side chicks feel like they need to let everyone know they are side chicks now.

    1. See now i’m scared for everbody….So you gone sleep with the man….Wait til he sleep and then snap pics….WHAT ELSE YO A-S DID TO THIS MAN WHILE HE KNOCKED THE F-CK OUT #NOBUENO

  2. Well I think she knows he never stopped cheating. She stays because to her it’s more important to be able to say she’s with a rapper.

    1. Or she could very well be in love weren’t they together before the money… plus he a mediocre rapper nothing major not even relevant enough really

  3. Reality tv takes no prisoners when it comes relationships. Men are so stupid sometimes they don’t even cheat smart. Like seriously do you not understand women or groupies for that matter. The moment they see you on tv broadcasting the relationship they are going to feel some type of way. The bird who took this picture is stupid for thinking she accomplished something. He has already proven to be a cheater so she preaching to the choir. Tammy knows her man so she accomplished absolutely nothing.

  4. LMAO!!! You know you have failed in life when you’re proud of being a jump off to Waka Flocka.

  5. Tammy ain’t going nowhere so I’m not sure why this tramp even posted this. It’s not like Tammy believes she can do better.

    1. Ikr, hes so gross looking, I bet that pillow smell like four loko, newports, tcb oil sheen and shame

  6. It was only a matter of time. These side chicks are ruthless now. They don’t want to keep anything on the low anymore. LOL.

  7. I couldn’t date a rapper. Too much kitty cat gets thrown at them and most of them feel obligated to take a dip even though they are dating someone or even married. I can only imagine some of the STDs they have. Gross.

  8. Tammy’s dumb a-s in response to this said no one can destroy what God has built and her and Waka are solid. Girl…lol

    1. See this is what i’m talking about…Some of these ladies never been in a real relationship so they believe anybody that gives them a coin and a title is a blessing. Just shameful and these hoes are just a lost cause.i’m done ….side note SOMEBODY SAVE THE DAMN GIRLS IN AFRICA GETTING SOLD, RAPED, AND MINDF-CKED…GEESSHHHHHHHHHHHH

  9. He cheats all the time..this aint the first time. And Tammy just accepts all that BS…so its their problem. As long as she takes it, he gonna keep doin it.

  10. Tammy you to good for this God also says u don’t have make yourself a fool to put up with this

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