Celebrity Apprentice Tea: Kenya Moore Gets in Nasty Feud with Vivica Fox?

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We already told you a few weeks ago that the rumor mill was claiming that RHOA star Kenya Moore was fired from “Celebrity Apprentice” and some people were even accusing the reality star of being a terror to the production staff.

But now a new report claims Kenya got into such a nasty feud with actress Vivica Fox that Donald Trump felt like he had to remove her from the show. Kenya allegedly stole Vivica’s cell phone.  And apparently Kenya not only got into with Vivica but she also had some drama with Keshia Knight Pulliam too.

The Daily Mail reports:

And we’re told that Mr Trump was left furious by the Detroit-born former beauty queen’s behaviour on the show during filming over the past few months.

A source said: ‘Kenya was fired and it was really one of the most brutal firings ever seen on The Apprentice.

‘She stole Vivica Fox’s cell phone and posted a message on Twitter complaining about the menopause pretending it was from Viv.

‘And that’s not forgetting her rows with Brandi and Keisha. Mr Trump had truly had enough of her by the time it was time to fire her

‘He told he ‘You’re the most evil woman I’ve ever met in my life’.


A source goes on to tell the Daily Mail that once Vivica found out what Kenya did, she cursed her out something serious:

According to sources, once Vivica, 49, realised that Kenya had done, she deleted the message, she erupted in fury, with one saying: ‘It was World War III on that set. Vivica cursed her out so bad that the entire set was speechless, even Kenya.

And it led to Mr Trump’s tongue-lashing before he uttered his trademark phrase ‘You’re Fired’.



Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard this rumor. In fact, blogger Funky Dineva reported weeks ago that Kenya was fired from “Celebrity Apprentice” because she stole someone’s phone:

If you were expecting to see Kenya Moore win Celebrity Apprentice, think again. I received a phone call last night informing me that Kenya has been fired. Additionally, there was a bit of drama in the Celebrity Apprentice camp involving Kenya stealing peoples phones.


  1. I told y’all she would end up getting into it with all the other black women on the show. I’m sure she’ll just say Vivica and Keshia are “jealous” of her looks too even though they are gorgeous. Kenya is a hot mess.

    1. Yes you did call it. But let’s be honest, this sounds like something Kenya would do. She loves to hit below the belt and cry foul when someone goes off on her for it.

    2. You sure did. I think Kenya just doesn’t get along well with women period though. She’s too catty and manipulative.

  2. I’m not surprised. Kenya wants so hard to be the new reality television bad guy but she doesn’t realize that doing so hurts her chances of doing anything else outside of reality television.

    1. I’m starting to think reality tv is all Kenya has so she doesn’t mind looking like a fool. If the acting roles were going to come for her, they would have came a long time ago.

  3. I can already hear Team Twirl’s excuse for this one…”Well at least she gave the phone back!” LOL.

    1. Actually they are saying it was just a prank and Vivica shouldn’t gotten so upset about it. I can’t with them. They are just as looney as Kenya is.

  4. Yet she’s on Twitter lying about folks stealing her stuff at the reunion. I’m so over this woman.

  5. When I heard Vivica was going to be on the show and Rudy too I knew Kenya would end up beefing with both of them. She does not get along with any black women. It’s easy to say it’s because people are jealous of your looks but what’s the excuse when the women you’re beefing with look better than you?

  6. I really didn’t think Kenya could stoop any lower. Boy was I sadly confused. She is crazy as hell.

  7. They are really trying to make me watch this show but I don’t want to because I can’t stand Kenya or Donald Trump.

  8. Sigh…I really hope this isn’t true. I love Kenya but this would be a terrible look for her and make people hate her even more. I really want her to start trying to fix her image. She already looks terrible on RHOA half the time. She should have used CA as a means to repair her image and show off her competitive smarts.

  9. How in the world did Kenya get here? She was Miss USA for crying out loud. Now she’s the chick who messes with married men, acts a fool on RHOA and now steals phones and posts fake tweets on the accounts of black actresses? For someone who always brags on how smart she is, I am still waiting to see any proof of it. She keeps making such stupid decisions.

  10. I thought Kenya would do better than NeNe did on Apprentice but she’s actually doing worse. :-/

  11. I’m not watching this ish. Kenya will do anything to keep herself in the spotlight. She sold out her self dignity a long time ago and it’s sad. And it’s not like the check she gets from this show is even big enough to justify acting a fool. Smdh.

  12. I’m sure Kenya will try to find a way to be the victim in all of this even though she was the aggressor in the situation, as usual.

  13. I’m Team Twirl but I can’t excuse this bullsh-t. So I hope it’s not true. You steal someone’s phone and post shady tweets, you deserve an a-swhooping.

  14. I really didn’t think it was possible for anyone on RHOA to become nastier than NeNe Leakes. But…

  15. What grown woman plays pranks?! If everwhere you go someone has something to say about your character……. the common denominator is in fact you. Nobody is jealous…that pretty face just doesnt match that nasty attitude.

  16. I knew she was going to clash with Vivica. Viv ain’t no punk and she will put Kenya in her place.

    1. Exactly. If, after being shot 9 times and still running his mouth like he’s a gangster to this day, 50 Cent had to get a restraining order against Vivica, you known this is not going to turn out well for Kenya at all. And how’s she gonna argue with Rudy?! SMH #ByeKenya

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