Waka Flocka’s Fiancee Tammy Rivera Put on Blast

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several days ago we told you someone started an Instagram account for the sole purpose of putting Waka Flocka on blast. According to the person who runs the account, Waka is allegedly still cheating on his fiancée Tammy Rivera.

In a series of photos, Waka can be seen sleeping in a bed, while a woman who is laying with him snaps the picture but only lets a portion of her head been seen in the snaps.

However, a lot of folks seem to think it was actually Tammy herself in the pictures and she allegedly started the account herself to generate publicity to her LHHATL storyline, which hasn’t gained much steam from the blogs.

Fameolous was the first blogger to pick up on the possibility. The blogger writes:

When it comes to this entertainment business people will do anything for attention or ratings.

On May 12th, Someone created a fake instagram and posted pictures of waka flocka in bed with a woman, this woman was supposed to be another woman, not tammy rivera. But as we started to look more closely at the woman who chooses to hide her face for some odd reason, we notice this woman is no other than Tammy Rivera herself. First, whenever a woman wants to expose a man, she will put her face in the photo’s to let us know it’s real. This woman in the photo’s do not show her face and her hair is the same as Tammy Rivera.


Blogger Sip The Tea even did a side by side comparison of the photos and many seem to think it appears that Tammy was indeed the woman in the bed with Flocka:

waka flocka fiancee publicty stunt



Tammy denies that she started the account herself for publicity reasons, but what do you think?


  1. This is plausible. Either way, Rasheeda has been faking her storyline since last season so I’m not surprised.

    1. THIS!!!!! I’m mad Rasheeda and Kirk have stooped so low to involve their baby in the BS. When they gave him that DNA test I was too through. They have no shame. Smh.

  2. Well it does look like it’s Tammy. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised because the show is very scripted now. And I think it’s TOO scripted which is why so many people aren’t feeling the current season. It’s gotten too fake.

  3. So she wants to look like a weak woman who accepts cheating just so the blogs would talk about her. Girl…

    1. right!!!the longer this show goes on these women are getting more and more thirsty for attention.

  4. It’s very possible that someone did start the account and he’s still cheating, but I won’t rule out Tammy doing this. No one has been talking about her or Waka. This is a good way to get people interested. So I’m seeing why people are thinking she’s pulling a stunt.

  5. A lot of people on this show are broke and desperate. They will do whatever it takes to become a star. I’m not surprised.

  6. Sheitttt Pimp Mona is telling all these fools to turn up and get as ratchet as possible to keep her show number one. That’s what all her little “meetings” with them are all about.

  7. I believe it. Waka and Tammy are a snoozefest on the show so far. She wants more attention. All the blogs talk about is Stevie/Joseline, Mimi and that’s pretty much it. Oh and Karlie every now and again. LOL.

  8. it looks like Tammy to me. She really wants to be a star and she’s desperate because no one is talking about her or Waka. They are boring.

  9. I love Rasheeda on the show…I use to like Mimi until after the sex tape. what mother is making a sex tape? I think it was a plan to get money for the start. I could never be that broke or desperate that I would do something like that to get money. If it was really abou money to take care of her kid she could get a job like the rest of the mothers. It’s about fame and living beyond your means. I don’t think a child cares about a fancy house or car they just want their parents and to be taken care of even if you have a 9 to 5 job.

  10. sooooo because the girl hair is black like tammys that means it is tammy? lol i mean it could be her…..but it could just as well not be her

  11. Tammy fake and desperate get over it… Cause who tf wants to be known as a dumba-s that excepts cheating.. Honestly if he was cheating I still wouldn’t have sympathy..

  12. Tammy fake and desperate get over it… Cause who tf wants to be known as a dumba-s that excepts cheating.. Honestly if he was cheating I still wouldn’t have sympathy..

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