50 Cent Didn’t Get an Invite to Son’s Graduation?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

50 Cent’s relationship with his teenage son Marquise has been pretty rocky as of late, and the rapper claims it’s because his baby mama Shaniqua has brainwashed him into hating his father.

Although they were photographed together months ago at an event in Atlanta, it’s now being reported that he missed his son’s high school graduation.

There were numerous photos shared of Marquise’s big day but 50 was not in any of the photos:

marquise grad pic

marquise grad pic 2



So did 50 Cent skip out on his son’s graduation? Well according to the rapper, he wasn’t invited. He tells TMZ he is hurt that no one sent him an invite and no one told him the time or date of the graduation. But he’s even more upset since he’s the one that paid for his son’s schooling.

Apparently Marquise graduated from a private Atlanta high school over the weekend.


  1. I know his baby mama is messy but he could have gotten on Google and looked up the time and place for his son’s graduation if he really wanted to go. IJS.

  2. Of course Shaniqua didn’t invite him, she hates him. But I would think he could have gotten in touch with the school to get information on when the graduation would be held. This just sounds like an excuse.

  3. I hate that 50 and his BM let their issues get in the way of being good parents. She’s a bad mother for making his relationship with his father toxic and 50 is a bad father for allowing his BM to make him back off as a father.

  4. Oh please 50 cent always has an excuse for everything. I wouldn’t miss my child graduation for nothing in the world. I swear something bad is going to happen to 50 mark my words. Because if you can’t do right by your child you can’t do right by anybody and that’s the truth.

  5. *blank stare* He would have did what he had to do to be there if he wanted to be there. Case closed.

  6. His BM is shady though. Yeah 50 should have just researched the date on his own but he shouldn’t have had to. He paid for that child’s education! And he was just with him in ATL not too long ago. He’s not a deadbeat father. He’s just tired of dealing with his hateful and lazy baby mother who is teaching her son to hate his father. What kind of woman even does that? Smh.

    1. So he has all the time in the world to make fun of jayz and solange on Instagram but don’t have the common sense to ask when his son is graduating. And just because someone foots the bill doesn’t make them a great father. And this is the same person that trashed his other baby’s mother house just because he owned the items in the house. I could go on but at the end of the day whether that women is the devil incarnate she was there and he wasn’t. Thats his fault

      1. Sorry, I don’t jump on the bandwagon and bash fathers and always side with the mothers just because I’m a woman. I know what some women will put the father of their children through. I can be grown enough to say both of them are wrong. But I doubt you’ll do the same even though Shaniqua’s bad behavior has also been well documented. But I guess it’s ok to be a terrible person as long as you have a v*gina. Men are ALWAYS at fault, right?

        I’ll pass on “It’s all 50’s fault” train. Enjoy.

        1. I’m not saying you had to but you threw his baby mama under the bus like it’s her fault he wasn’t there.

    2. While I see your points, I think 50 should step up and be the mature one in the situation. Let the courts see how messy the mother has been, but be a good father in the process. Stooping to her level is not the thing a man should be doing. He should showing his son that’s he’s above the bickering and vindictive acts. His son needs to see that. But I do feel Shaniqua is not innocent in all of this either. 50 should have been to that graduation regardless of if he was invited or not though.

  7. I really hope 50 and his son can repair their relationship one day. This is such an unfortunate situation.

  8. And 50 should stop paying for this child’s lifestyle and education since Shaniqua and her fans think he’s such a terrible father. Since he’s the worst, let Queen Shaniqua foot the bill from now on. Smdh.

  9. I’m not going to jump on 50 and place all the blame on him. What I’ve learned about situations like these is that their is always the woman’s side, the man’s side, and the truth. Yeah 50 could do better but it’s not ok for anyone to try to teach her child to hate their father. I don’t care for my child’s father, but I’m a real woman so I will do my best to make sure I don’t taint their relationship. Real women want their children to have a relationship with their father. Birds only want the man’s money. Shaniqua wants 50 to be a dad from a distance and pay for everything (including her houses), but she doesn’t feel he should be invited to the graduation. Smh. Childish and vindictive. That woman is no angel.

  10. His BM should have been a mature woman and invited him. He paid for the child’s tuition. He should not have had to call up the school and get the date. That was wrong on her part. But never mind, this is Shaniqua we’re talking about. She’s always doing the most to 50 but rarely does anyone hold her responsible. 50 gets all the blame as the majority because he’s a man as most of the comments prove. I bet I can go on Twitter right now and she’ll be tweeting how she’s won this battle. This is a game to her. She wants to see how bad she can make that man look because he won’t buy her a bigger house.

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