50 Cent Sends a Message to His Baby Mama Amid Deadbeat Dad Reports

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper 50 Cent has been getting lots of bad press lately regarding his relationship with his teenage son Marquise Jackson and his baby mama Shaniqua has been keeping the media posted on the downward spiral the rapper seems to be having with his son.

However, 50 is furious that he was accused of skipping out on Marquise’s high school graduation and he says he never even got an invite to his son’s big day.

Many aren’t buying his excuse, so he took to his Instagram account to take some shots at his baby mama:

50 cent instagram

50 cent instagram 2

50 cent instagram 3

50 cent instagram 4


In an Instagram post that was eventually deleted, the rapper claimed his baby mama hasn’t had a job in 14 years.


  1. 50 cent is full of ish. I am not about to blame Shaniqua yes she is wrong and has been wrong but Marquis is practically grown he couldn’t call his own son and get the details for the graduation. Him posting this just proves he is full of ish. You should be apologizing to your son not bashing your baby mama. At the end of the day Marquis is his son and he still doesn’t put him first which is sad.

  2. Well when you think about it, both 50 and Shaniqua need to really get over themselves. It’s like they have had this war going on for years and their son is the casualty. In fact, Shaniqua uses him to hurt 50 and 50 reacts with anger only making the situation worse. It’s a shame some people just don’t know how to put their differences to the side and co-parent like adults. Now Marquise looks at his father like the enemy and 50 makes that easy to do with this bad behavior.

  3. He’s a jacka-s. And no I’m not giving Shaniqua a pass either. I’m just stating the obvious.

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