Photos: Stevie J Abuses Joseline Hernandez?

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Late last night, many suspected LHHATL star Joseline Hernadez might have been hacked because some very odd photos were posted to her Twitter account.

In particular, she posted photos of herself showing off bruises and whoever tweeted at the time accused Stevie J of giving her the marks.

There was even a photo posted of Joseline allegedly holding what looks like drugs as well. Check out the tweets and photos:

joseline abused

joseline abused 2

joseline abused 3

joseline abused 4

joseline abused 5

joseline abused 6



While the jury is still out on if Joseline’s Twitter account really was hacked, whoever is posting the photos claims they are Joseline and they are only coming forward with the truth.


  1. Well we saw Joseline punch Stevie at the therapist’s office so I wouldn’t be surprised if they lay hands on each other.

  2. I wouldn’t be shocked if he put hands on her, but she probably fought back. I can see these two getting in full blown fist fights.

  3. But why wasn’t it considered abuse when Joseline punched him in the face on TV? I believe she abuses him as well.

  4. But wasnt that the same hair style when her and Erica got into a fight? I cant remember her outfit but those pictures could be from that. She was definitely hacked though.

  5. Yeah right. Joseline can whoop Stevie’s a-s and has done so before. I agree with Calypso Candy, those pictures are from the day she fought Erica. That is the same outfit and hairstyle she wore that day. UB should look at the video and confirm.

  6. Yeah IDK about this one. Joseline can pretty much beat up the majority of the cast including Stevie.

  7. She was hacked and I don’t believe Stevie hit her. Those do look like pictures she took the day she beat up Erica.

  8. It’s hard to believe this when we saw Joseline cock back and punch Stevie in the face like a man. If anything, it would be the other way around and she would be the abuser. Poor Stevie didn’t stand a chance.

  9. Those pictures are old, those pictures are when her in Erica fought season 1 outside of the studio. Same shirt same hair do. She was clearly hacked.

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