Proof: Stevie J Didn’t Abuse Joseline Hernandez

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Earlier we posted photos and tweets from Joseline Hernandez’s Twitter account and whoever was tweeting at the time claimed Stevie had abused Joseline.

They even tweeted a series of photos with Joseline showing off bruises but as always, our readers are sharp. You guys were able to figure out that the injuries were actually a result of Joseline’s fight with Erica Dixon from season one of LHHATL.

So where’s the proof? Well Joseline had on the same outfit and hairstyle the day she fought Erica:

joseline abused 2

joseline abused 4

And here’s video of the fight (skip to the 2:45 mark):



Thanks to our reader Calypso Candy for spotting this out!

Joseline also posted a video to her Instagram account to let her supporters know that she was indeed hacked:

She says:

“Nothing happened to me. I’m all good. My page was hacked last night. It’s nothing wrong with me. Shout out to all the haters.”



Well there you have it.


  1. Yeah I just can’t see Joseline getting abused by Stevie. She has already made it clear she isn’t afraid to fight him when necessary and he actually seems more afraid of her than anything.

  2. Knowing Stevie and Joseline they probably planned all this to get people to stop talking about their non marriage. I can’t front, it worked. The subject got changed real fast. Hmmm…

    1. Probably! She’s pissed off enough to do anything at this point. Props to her for putting Stevie’s mongoose- looking as* on front with all those receipts. Now that was entertainment!!!

  3. Yea I wouldn’t think Joseline would get abused she stay ready to scrap. I honestly think that she would take stevie j down lol.

  4. Well considering Joseline is no shrinking violet, I just found it hard to believe Stevie was hitting on her.

  5. Thanks for the shout out UB. I read you guys everyday but I dont comment all of the time. Appreciate the love 🙂

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