Vivica Fox Calls out Kenya Moore, Kenya Returns the Insults

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you last week that RHOA starlet Kenya Moore’s time on “Celebrity Apprentice” has been the target of rumors, and the latest rumor suggested Kenya got into a feud so bad with actress Vivica Fox that it resulted in Kenya stealing Vivica’s phone and posting a tweet about menopause on the actress’ Twitter account.

According to multiple reports, when Vivica found out Kenya had stolen her phone and posted the tweet on her account, she went off something serious on the reality star and Donald Trump fired Kenya for her actions.

Well it looks as if Vivica may have confirmed the tea. She posted the following on Instagram the other day:

vivica fox instagram

Vivica fox instagram 2



She also tweeted the following (read tweets from bottom to top):

vivica tweets
Some seem to believe Kenya clapped back by posting the following to her Instagram account yesterday:

kenya moore instagram


  1. Now how thee PHUCK can Kenya call out anyone for bad plastic surgery when she’s walking around with a lumpy fake a-s? No ma’am.

  2. I really wish Vivica wouldn’t have even stooped to Kenya level of immaturity. Let that dumb dumb look ignorant all by herself.

    1. I agree sis. Kenya doesn’t need any help making herself look bad. I wouldn’t even entrain her if I was Vivica. When everyone sees the show, they will see that Kenya is very childish and needs help. Let her ruin herself.

    2. I agree but to me this incident is a good example of why Porsha should stay on the show. Kenya fights dirty and I hope those RHOA people are looking at this and are aware how Kenya can provoke and get under people’s skin.

  3. Kenya really doesn’t act her age. So she steals a phone, writes that fake tweet and now has the nerve to try to mock Vivica’s looks? Typical Kenya.

  4. Kenya just needs to waive the white flag I mean how many times is she going to get dragged by different people. Sheesh every time I look up she is getting dragged. Oh and I know she ain’t talking about somebody bad plastic surgery with her knifed up stomach.

  5. Kenya won’t stop until she completely destroys her legacy. She is trying so hard to be the biggest villain in reality television that she’s not paying attention to the consequences that come with it. She won’t get any acting gigs at this rate because people won’t be able to separate her reality tv actions from her real life. She’s not playing it smart. She’ll just be another Omarosa. Hated by most Americans and relying on reality tv to pay her bills because no other opportunities come from being a bad guy on RHOA and Celebrity Apprentice.

  6. Didn’t this happen months ago though? They are really doing the most to promote that racist bastard Donald Trump’s show. Damn shame.

    1. The show will start promotions soon for the new season. And this is not the first time tidbits have leaked to build interest in the show. Kenya just happens to be more rachet than most of the other contestants. I’m no Donald Trump fan, but if she didn’t need those “Trump checks” so badly, Miss Bath Salts should’ve stayed her behind home instead of copying Nene.

  7. I’m here for it because all Kenya is doing is validating everything the other ladies have said about her on RHOA. She’s beautiful but very ugly on the inside. She won’t be able to bounce back from this bad press she’s about to get from the Apprentice just like Omarosa couldn’t. No longer can she pretend to be a victim either since everyone will see her steal a phone and be malicious. Karma baby.

  8. Now I know Kenya Moore not trying to throw shade when she’s the poster child of “what not to buy in Mexico”. Between the fix o’ flat in her as* cheeks and the two store-bought lumps on her chest, she should be asking Vivian for her surgeon’s business card. B done lost her da*n mind!

  9. Kenya needs to not go there on the plastic surgery shade because she’s had some awful work done herself.

  10. Childish. So you have a woman damn near 50 stealing phones and breaking in someone’s Twitter account and another using Instagram to “drag her” for it. I can’t. Reality TV has really ruined people.

  11. kenya talking about plastic surgery….when her butt is….you know what- sleep

  12. Kenya is such a nutty person. She’s lying and whining about people stealing her stuff at the RHOA reunion but has no problems stealing from other people on a different show. That is why I never feel sorry for her or buy her victim schtick.

  13. Would you believe there are still people making excuses for this vile woman’s behavior?

  14. Vivica A. Fox is a real hood chick, and she will snap out and drag Kenya’s as*, way worse then what Porsha did. I guess that’s what she needs…

    1. From the moment Walter asked her if she’d taken her pills when they were in Anguilla, I started giving Kenya the side eye.

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