50 Cent Blames Baby Mama for Strained Relationship with Son

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

50 Cent got plenty of negative press when it was confirmed that he did not attend his son Marquise Jackson’s high school graduation, but he later told TMZ that he didn’t attend because he didn’t receive an invitation.

He also took to his Instagram account to call out his baby mama Shaniqua and accuse her of being after his money and not working a job in fourteen years, but he now tells 106 & Park that his relationship is strained with his son because of his baby mama.

He says:

“My relationship with my oldest son is actually dictated by his mom and because his mother has developed a negative energy towards me – we go from being friends because we’re adults and if time permits it, there’s some type of intimacy and it grows stronger, that relationship. And then most people in the process gets engaged and married and when they get divorced, sometimes they’re not even friends anymore because one person over-invested, emotionally, and can’t let go and it develops into hate.”

When asked why he didn’t attend the graduation, he says:

“I don’t need an explanation. I don’t really. I think that my personal life, portions of it are actually supposed to be personal and my actual life as an entertainer is a whole ‘nother life. My son, I hadn’t received an invitation to it and when he graduated, I was in Budapest [doing a movie]. I think at some points – the reason why it comes out is because his mom’s going to TMZ. Like, that relationship – I wish she’d find someone so she would leave me alone.”

Check out the video below:


  1. I’m annoyed by how much finger pointing 50 and Shaniqua are doing. Both of them are responsible in my opinion.

  2. 50 has been trying to put out another album for like ten years. It’s over bruh. Just accept it.

  3. This is just a really bad look for him all around. I’m not giving his baby mama a pass, but as a man, he has to understand that he still has to be a good father despite how dumb Shaniqua is. Don’t ask her permission to let you be father. Just do it.

  4. Only the court of law can keep you from being in your child’s life. There’s no excuse for him being a deadbeat.

  5. 50 needs to really own up to the deadbeat label everyone is giving him and stop providing for his son financially. Let Shaniqua handle it all from now on since 50 is such a “deadbeat.”

  6. So….when asked about your baby mama you have no qualms bumping your gums about her but when put on the spot about not going your sons graduation suddenly you don’t want to discuss your personal life?
    LOL. Yeah ok. That right there shows he knows he was wrong.

  7. 50 you dropped the ball on this one bruh. As a parent there’s certain things you just don’t miss such as your child’s first step, first words, and of course their high school graduation. These are things that only happen once. Did you really need an invite? If you REALLY wanted to go you could have contacted the school directly. I’m 100% sure they would have made accommodations for you considering you are “50 Cent”

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