50 Cent Calls His Baby Mama ‘A Mistake’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

50 Cent is still doing press rounds about the latest drama involving his baby mama Shaniqua and their son Marquise Jackson, especially since he caught so much backlash for not attending his son’s high school graduation.

The rapper still claims he didn’t show up because he wasn’t invited. He tells Hip Hop Nation:

“During the Easter holiday, they stopped by my grandparents home, and talked to some of my aunts and them, and said, stuff about [the graduation], but they didn’t say anything to me about it. And I’m overseas at the time. They could have easily said, ‘Well, is there a way we can reach out to him so I can get him the actual time and the place. And there was no communication like that.'”


He then goes on to say his baby mama is a “mistake”:

“Really what it is, is the girl looks for any opportunity that she could kind of shed some light on her being associated to me in some way. Whatever her name is when she walks up, is one thing. When she leaves, they say, ‘Yeah, yeah. I hit that. That was 50′s baby mama.’ But I could care less about that joint right there, you know what i’m saying? That girl is a mistake I made a long time ago.”


Check out the video below:


  1. 50 cent is a disgusting pig. If he is saying she is a mistake then he is saying his child is a mistake. Karma is coming for 50 cent sooner or later.

  2. He shouldn’t say that because he’s basically saying his son is a mistake too. I know he’s angry but this is a very hurtful thing to say.

  3. Fifth knows hes wrong and sadly theres alot of guys out here that have $$ think they can actually do and say what the hell they want no matter whose hurt in the process. As big as a jerk hes being I can’t put it all on his scum bag a s s. Unfortunately I’ve been around women that causes alot of undeserved drama, bitterness succumbs to whats really important which is the children. I’ve seen women use the kids to get back at the x-partners out of spite, so theres no telling what all she has done to try and bring him down its no excuse to treat your flesh and blood like an step child, their both reckless and beyond childish, its a good thing the boy is almost a man, the less his parents need to communicate.

  4. He knew his son was a senior in high school though right!?!? Soooooo….why couldn’t he have reached out and asked when the graduation was? The excuses some ppl come up with are ridiculous. Stop it.

  5. Fifty cent is a selfish jerk. If his baby moms stopped by his grandmother and aunts house that means she still has a relationship with his family. Why didn’t his grandmother or aunt tell him about the graduation?

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