Kenya Moore Tweets Congratulations to Alleged Married Boyfriend

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Weeks ago we reported that Kenya Moore was spotted on the campus of Harvard University walking around with a very married man by the name of Tonye Cole, and some suspected he was her “African Prince.”

And that’s all because he has all the accomplishments that Kenya Moore claimed her “African Prince” has.

Cole is a very successful oil businessman, but he also happens to have a wife and three kids.

The other day Kenya tweeted him congratulations for graduating from Harvard and made sure to tweet a photo of him and his wife:

kenya moore twitter

Kenya’s fans seem to think this is Kenya’s way of denying she’s having an affair with Tonye, but others seem to think it’s nothing more than Kenya being messy and taking subtle shots at his wife.

Regardless, Kenya also posted photos of herself cuddling with another man the other day.


  1. Oh please. This is the same woman who stole a phone and tweeted slander on the person’s account. Why was she hanging out with a married man alone anyway? She is not above taking jabs at that man’s wife. This is why I don’t like Kenya. She’s messy but never owns her mess. She lies because her fans are gullible enough to believe her lies.

  2. I still think she’s messing around with this man and she’s just in damage control trying to throw people off. That man she posted to IG is not her man but someone she probably hired like Walter. She didn’t expect anyone to catch her with that married man at Harvard and she’s pressed to make people think he’s not her man.

    1. yeah you’re right because kenya wouldnt mess with a broke young flabby stomached n-gga like the one in the picture! hahaha

      1. Please! Kenya will spread her legs for any and everybody, she doesn’t discriminate. Tonye is butt ugly, and dresses like a hobo. Please don’t act like that trick has standards.

  3. We saw Kenya boldly flirt with Apollo in Phaedra’s face so I won’t put shading his wife on Twitter on a list of things she wouldn’t do.

    1. I agree. Why are some people acting like Kenya has a moral compass all of a sudden? She’s not above doing anything trifling.

      1. I ask the same thing. I don’t get it. She’s already shown numerous times that she’s not a nice person. I mean that’s why reality television is perfect for her.

  4. Uh,uh! Now we all know Miss WHOSA is not about jocking the hubby while wifey is on the scene, so this pic means nada. This is mere deflection so the new guy can really earn the money she paying him as her “new boo”. Still say he looks like her “assistant” Brandon.

  5. If she really wanted to deny it, she could have. She’s not. She’s just being messy as usual. We all know she doesn’t care about someone else’s marriage anyway.

  6. I don’t think Kenya has a man at all. And I also think she created the African Prince lie so it could look like she was with a married man. Think about it. Kenya carefully described Tonye Cole’s resume down to a T when she was talking about her prince. Then she carefully made sure she was photographed with him at Harvard. This was all a stunt. She loves being controversial. With her it’s all about attention no matter how terrible it makes her look. And that other man from those pictures is Brandon. He just lost a lot of weight and got fit. That is why I say she is pathetic. She will do anything for attention.

  7. So what is this supposed to prove? It still doesn’t explain why she was with a married man while his wife was not around now does it? I would at least respect if she admitted the messed up things she does but she never does.

  8. This isn’t a denial, just a shady confirmation that she doesn’t give a damn that he’s married. But anyway, wake me up when she can explain all the other married men she slept with. Oh and drug dealers too.

  9. Proves nothing. I remember one of my ex’s side chicks actually had the nerve to tweet us a congratulations on our marriage and she was f-cking him at the time. #shrugs

  10. A simple statement saying something like “I am not having an affair with Tonye Cole. I respect his marriage and I’m actually dating someone else who is not married” would suffice. Instead, Kenya just wants to play games so she can get more attention. Typical.

  11. Nothing she does even surprises me anymore. I think I’m actually happy the season is over and we don’t have to watch them every week for a while. These women are exhausting.

  12. All the comments on here ooze jealousy,bias, hateful fat clucks. Kenya can have any of your men…despite her age.

    1. Then why doesn’t she have a man at 43 years old? No husband? No kids? No real career? You stan for a basic, old bird with terrible skin. You must be a bird too. Only birds look up to other birds.

    2. Girl it’s not even that serious. Are you new to watching RHOA or something? None of these heffas are supposed to have stans. Before you nut jobs started watching, all of us used to watch it and call them all out equally and no one got in their feelings. Now y’all watch it and act like Kenya is the second coming of Christ. Shut up and at least find someone to stan for who isn’t on a reality show. I can get stanning for Beyonce, Rihanna, or someone else with real success, talent and a career. But you’re stanning for Kenya Moore? LOL. Get some stanning standards you loser.

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